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NYR: (new year's resolution, to be started IMMEDIATELY).... Answered

I am starting to really feel the effects of my age now,  and my time not exercising my brain.

I WANT this to change (besides, I can't just LET Kiteman's challenge go without a fight LOL).  Some of this will involve me making an attempt to pump up the volume, as it were, of what I make and thereby post. 

I don't mean I am going to rush through things, but I wanted to do a bunch of things I haven't had time for up to now.   Not that I have anymore time now, but I am going to MAKE time.

If I don't do it now, it will never get done. Wish me luck :-)


Good on you.

Looks like life has put me "on hold" until the weekend again....say, if you 3 did 6 projects in 24 hours, that should be equivalent to me doing 2, right (to meet the "challenge" ;-) so 3 (or 2 plus one started LOL) would exceed it?

...if I can just find the notebook I have been filling with ideas for the past 3 months.....*sigh*...everything in my life depends on FINDING IT

...not to mention the parts I have saved up.....

The same would go for "taking time" to do things....only I could be jailed for stealing...

Not really, most of the "time spent on this topic" was a minute here and there, and without my notebook, I hadn't a clue as to how I wanted to start....I have it now, and since I only "have time on the weekends", I will start then :-p

I always wondered what made him have such a red, swollen left eye. Maybe he tilts his head "going in" ?

That's from barking back at Princess Lithium Rain.

Meh, yeah it took me all of 30 seconds to reply so yeah he wasted that, but I can live with it....once >:-)

Good luck to you dude.
(whats this about kiteman's challenge?)

Thanks, I just have to "keep" motivated and not get depressed again.....

He beat his own record, a number of ibles done in a certain number of days/hours or something.

I won't beat THAT record, but I should be able to beat my, 2 ibles in 2 weeks record LOL Especially if I have all the materials I need now that I have my book and notebook back.

If I stop slacking so much, I could get so much done,and If I ordered stuff with plenty of time to spare, like silver nitrate for valentines day (I have something small, but epic planned).

wow does that "take me back" :-)

Possibility of creating a dangerous chemical reaction: good.
Chance of explaining to the emergency room nurses how you got glass shards in your buttocks: priceless.

Sounds like a plan for the Ideanator.

Generally, calling people names is demotivating.

...unless you are in the military, serving as an apprentice in a skilled trade, or replying to a comment in which you want to incite a riot.

Yeah, I still remember saying "Sergent, you don't need to yell, just ask me", my military tenure was rather short and filled with pushups.

That is why I wouldn't survive long in the military; I'd HAVE to ask if he has EVER seen a maggot do push-ups.....something I'D like to see >:-)

"Goodhart, what are ya, a mamby pamby maker? Now grab that soldering iron with your bare hands and get at it..."

No time during the week......hopefully this weekend...

I would join you; but I couldn't keep the promise to myself.

Well, it looks like I won't be able to actually "get started" until this weekend anyway, i.e. the new year....but I do plan in making thing happen a bit more than in the past....but you know about the best laid plans of mice and men.... :-)

Good luck, I hope it goes well, I have been quietly beavering away because things need to change.

If you fancy another thoughtful collab it'd be great.

On which subject? :-)

I have currently "misplaced" my Gonzo Gadgets book....I had wanted to do some of the projects in there, "my way", and with some "instruction" behind each ible.....still searching (gee, I sound like MSIE LOL)

Oh I hadn't thought that far ahead... As always...

Oh cool, I've got a few things in the works but I've still get my card throwing video out of the way because I didn't get to borrow a camera yet...

That's a crying shame, I lost my diary for a while there, I knew the jacket it was in but that had disappeared... Turns out the folding element of my bed had pulled it up and hidden it inside...

I got a little too excited about finding it really...

Found it, just minutes ago too.....now off to work and maybe get to some of this tomorrow.....I hope.

Well, depending one "WHERE" I find these two things I am looking for, I may be "other than" excited >:-)

My husband has noticed I'm forgetting a lot these days, so he suggested that I start taking my Omega Complete again. According to research, it is supposed to aid brain fog. The problem is...can anyone help me find the bottle? I forget where it is.

LOL Yeah, I do take something similar....but I have SO much to remember too. I DID find the book finally however. Just minutes ago though, at the bottom of a box, the last place I'd expect it to be..... oh well.