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NYTimes jacks our style! Answered

The NYTimes food section clearly wants to be Instructables. Check out this How to Make Meatballs slideshow, food porn and all.

Maybe they need to start an Instructables group.



Well, they say mimicking is the best form of flattery... but what do they know anyway :P


11 years ago

Um, I have entire cookbooks done in this format (more or less); the closes to Instrucables that I could find quickly is Lebain's "The Art of Cooking." Published in 1990; a bit before Instructables (a bit before the WWW.) Generally a dozen "step" photos and a 1.5 page food-porn photo of the finished dish. It's not like it's a new style...

Ok, so there might have been a bit of hyperbole in my initial statement, but I haven't seen the NYTimes do a slideshow of this type before. Videos, a couple of in-process photos, sure; but not a full-blown step-by-step set of instructions. I'd be willing to bet that someone there has seen Instructables and realized how useful that sort of thing can be, and how well it works on the web.

I'm sticking to my suggestion that they need an Instructables group, though; one for permutations of Mark Bittman's minimalist recipes would be particularly fun.

Cookbooks that do this are by necessity limited in the number of recipes they can convey in suck a picture-heavy format, which is why they're not the standard.