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Nacho Cheese Answered

Who here loves Nacho Cheese i absoloutly love it!!!!!!!!!!!! please post recipes and commentS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I like cheese, period (although I can do without cancoillotte), and so far, save for one, I haven't met a cheese I didn't like :-)

What about Edan...? i find it not strong enough!

I like a lot of different cheeses, I once belonged to the Cheese of the Month club (yes, there is such a thing), and got all kinds of imported delights. I am not into many "flavored" cheeses, as I like to taste the cheese, but a good Pepper Jack or Horseradish cheese now and then is good. I am fond of a well aged Stilton.

what about haloumi(spl) cheese it tastes salty and i LURVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAH! thats it -Baron (really Depressed)-

Baron, oh I am sorry, why are you depressed ?

My love life isn't going right for me. Don't wory goodhart you havn't done a thing. :( :-( -Baron (really Depressed)-

Well try not to let it get you too far down. I didn't have a very good time of it in that area until I was into my mid-30's (not that I am comparing you to me). I just hate to see people unhappy, been there done that, and know what it is all about. Every thought, every emotion can be altered simply by how we think about it. I am not the poster child for cognitive therapy, but I have learned how useful this branch of thinking is. Chin up, there is always tomorrow.

I just froze infront of her. she did not ask me any Qs this time either. :( im confused help.plz?

Hmm, I was only "shell shocked" if I had to come up with things to say first. If someone talked to me, I would be fine, I could answer and not be nervous. I remember someone asked me to drive them home from Bloomington, ILL to somewhere in Indiana, because she did not speak or initiate any conversation, neither did I. The whole 4+ hours was a silent ride....I could have kicked myself too. Just remember, she is just as human as you are, probably some of the same likes and dislikes, so since you would be addressing her, start with something you know or notice about her. Take note of things (is she carrying a book about horses, or wearing a team sweater, or whatever....start there).

shes not a kid. some boys are all over her and i can tell she gets anoyed but smiles anyways.

Yeah, but there is a big (and easy to spot) difference between someone that is "after something" and someone who is "genuinely concerned". If you are genuine, she'll probably know, nervous or not.

ohhhh my goshhhh....don't you dare get me started with cheeseeeee. Ok this will sound weird- but just listen to this- Lol I gave up milk 2 years ago. Don't drink it...don't eat it..... Infact I eat my cheerios in hot chocolate! I only eat meat when forced to (discluding burgers, hot dogs, and ground beef-as well as lunch meat) You'd think I was some psycho-weirdo or something, about dairy and meat... but.... BUT CHEESE....*sighs* I love it. NACHO CHEESE KICKS BUTT

why did you give it up? Stupid Vegetarians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not vegetarian in all perspecitves. Realize- I do eat cheeseburgers and hot dogs and stuff such as. And I love cheese. I gave it up because I do not like it. At all. Also, because when I see someone eating ribs...nawing on a bone, it looks very repulsive to me. I don't feel animals are our equal- but when I see someone eating ribs, it's like "dude, would u naw on someone's bone like that?" At the same time, I do think the way they kill the animals for our food is very bad. Animals should always be taken care of, and not neglected. I've seen how they treat them. There's a place down our road where they sell ducks, goats, chickens, cows-you name it, for food. They had this barn area, about 20 feet long and 15 feet wide. The entire floor was covered in poop. There was about 50-60 ducks in there. They had no room to walk, and they were given ONE BOWL of food. -My pet ducks (I have 3) each eat 1 cup of food a day on their own. There were 3 dead ducks laying on the ground in there, and the other ducks in there were eating it!! Ducks are NOT meat eaters (discluding bugs) .....Tell me there's not something wrong there.... They also were all filthy, dirty, and deffinitely diseased. (I could tell by different features on them-being I have ducks, I know the disease symptoms they have) So ever since then, it just makes me more and more angry. I wanted to nuke that guy, for treating those animals like that. Oh yeah-he also had a headless, bloody chicken upside down in a bucket. Maybe if I liked meat in the first place, and they treated animals more humanely- then maybe I wouldn't care....

God made animals(deer moose cow pigs ect...) for our food but when you treat it like a pet like naming it and teaching it tricks like my old teacher does is mean.! and I LOVE RIBS! yes you are wrong bout that place! but you cant treat them like your best friend! before you eat them!

That's why I don't eat them, cuz I love them. When you see a deer, do you think food? When it stairs at you with those big, beautiful eyes? (Please don't think I'm fighting you at all-I'm not, I respect your opinion!!) When I see an animal, I would like to pet it. If I saw an injured animal- I would try to help it. That's just how I am, I can't help it. I know God made animals to be food. I went to this Creation Museum, in Kentucky. They had this whole display and story about the garden of Eden, and it showed how they named the animals and took care of them, but when they sinned-not only did they hurt man kind, but they hurt animals as well. Their sin caused death to animals. When they sinned-they suffered their own hardships (like pain, hate, fear, etc) and then God took the life of two lambs (or whatever he used) for their clothing. Wow...imagine how that must've fealt for them. Having to beat that animal's head with a rock to kill it, then take a sharpened whatever and skin it-just after they had prolly been petting it in the garden....

took the life of two lambs (or whatever he used) for their clothing.

Not to get too technical, but He used the skins as representative of their "kipporim" (which is Hebrew for coverings or atonement). The sin was not removed, but rather covered.

Yes, that's what I meant. But it's just like-their punishments were to have those lamb's lives taken. This is how I see it-anyway. I could be wrong.

The lambs could not substitute their lives for the lives of the two humans, so the only other answer is that they died to "teach these two something"....that maybe a part of them had to "die off" (their selfish sides) in order to live. :-)

Yeah that makes sense. :) Then like after them, (until Jesus died on the cross) they had to sacrifice the animals for their sins. You seem to know your Bible pretty well, if you do not mind my asking- what "religion" are you? And do u enjoy the Bible? :) I'm Baptist Christian, and I love to read the Bible. Not sure what my favorite book of it is, but I plan to read Revelations soon...

I am not really a member of any form of "organized" religious sect. The members of my meeting we are refer to each other as Christian, my Jewish friends call me a tzedek Gentile or a follower of Sheva mitzvot B'nei Noach. May I ask a question, and I hope this doesn't sound snobby or anything, but why would you read the last segment of a book, before having a complete understanding of the beginning of a book? It is like reading the appendix before perusing the first part of the book. I don't mean to hurt your feelings or anything, I just am baffled by this.

cool I'm christian to and i read my Bible when i have to but I've read enough(in church and stuff) to say I've read it all!

The Bible itself claims to be written in a "foreign language" (which is was of course, but it states, foreign even to those that could read Hebrew) and then gives the methodology of studying and learning from it; line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little. It is like putting together a Jigsaw puzzle, a piece here and piece there, but only those pieces that fit together go together. So, a cursory reading doesn't give us (your nor me) much information (just like shuffling through a box of jigsaw pieces doesn't give us a complete picture). One has to put the puzzle together. I suppose, if I had to put a "name" to my beliefs, it would be Judeo-Christian. I don't reject any part of the book in any fashion.

;) That's pretty cool how you put it. For a long time I sort of put off reading the Bible, cuz it was so hard to understand. Then in 9th grade (I'm homeschooled) I took a Bible Study Course in school, and it got me interested, and I really enjoyed the class. And since then, I've kind of been reading it and stuff. You're right, like, sometimes a person can feel like "wow I know a lot about the Bible" then someone asks them "why is this like this?" and it is just a whirlwind in your face, when you try to answer it, ya know? I gotta go now...have to get my stitches out. :) Nice to talk! see ya later.

The concepts are simple, finding and putting it all together is involved, but not really complex. It just takes time. "Master, what is the greatest law?" Jesus answered: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart...and the second one is just like it (that is, the second one is how you do the first one), love your neighbor as though he were you. On these two hang all the law and the prophets. " Simple to see, harder to do.

Yesss, very good point. But like, one day I was trying to figure out if aniamls went to Heaven...like see,... Animals were created before sin was. The lion and the lamb layed together.... They were just to look at, and to be with... so apparently they were friends before food, eh? And if the Garden of Eden was almost like a Heaven on Earth (perfect habitat, ideal living conditions for all things) So I'd find verses that siad something (and no this is not exact words) "All flesh shall come before God" Does this mean humans...or ALL FLESH...as in animals? Sometimes ya just can't tell...

How does the Greek read for the lord's prayer?

Our Father, who is in heaven, sacred (hallowed) be your name
Your kingdom come so that your will can be done on earth....

Something to think about. All the prophets tell of Mashiach setting up here on earth, the place promised to the faithful....."the meek shall inherent the earth", etc.

:) I know what ya mean. You're a fallower, just, don't believe fully in this or that. Well I can't say I've read every single book -yet- But, I have read large portions of the Bible, to be able to piece quite a bit of the entire "story" together. A lot of my friends who do not believe in God (well they believe in Him-but they don't fallow any kind or "religion" nor do they give a care to fallowing anything) And they have asked me questions before, reguarding what would be in Revelations, and I could never answer their questions because I'd never read that book. But I think if I read Revelations, I may be able to answer a couple questions. It's a very mysterious book of the Bible, and very hard to understand. But I figure if God wants to help me- He will. So we'll see. Maybe I can actually give my friends my own oppinion. I know exactly what you mean, skipping to the end, but, at the same time the books of the Bible don't coincide like they would in a normal book. Say, "This is Bob's life.... Bob had a dog, then he got the dog a bone, then he took the dog to the park, then the dog died" By reading "Bog had a dog. Then reading-the dog died- it wouldn't make much sense.. But the Bible is mroe like Genesis- Focus on the Beginning, Exedous- how man had fallen into sin, and then Noah's ark and stuff, ....blah blah blah.... ofcourse those books match up, but then you have books like 1 and 2 Samuel which focus mainly on one thing- David's life, basically.

You're a fallower, just, don't believe fully in this or that.

Well, no actually. I don't believe Jesus intended for people to "organize religion" but rather make it a personal part of their lives.
I do have specific, defined beliefs, but they do not follow mainstream goyism.

I am studying Biblical Hebrew in my spare time in order to get closer to the meaning of the scriptures.

But I think if I read Revelations, I may be able to answer a couple questions.

Before that then, since Rev. draws most of it's figures from Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, and some of the minor prophets, one has to understand the sources it was drawn from in order to understand the text or Rev. Do you see what I mean ? Like needing to understand numbers before one gets into "geo-trig". :-)

I do eat cheeseburgers and hot dogs and stuff

I think I understand - you only eat meat that you can't recognise as something fluffy or cute :-/


Pat. Pending

ok i do see your point! so you wouldn't eat DUCK! HA HA HA HA HA

dont you mean a**! lol! Yea i love melted cheese on ma nachos. Is cheerios good wit hot choco ? yummmmmmmmmmmmmm.

No I meant kicks butt. we used to use just American cheese and melt it on...but I dunno, it cools too quickly then it's gross...lol Cheerios is Excellent with hot chocolate. They also taste good in soup...lol

hmmmm...never tried it, but it sounds like it has excellent possibilitesssss :-D

U know what? I have never tried this... but... I tried a variation. I like to take bakes beans...drain them as best as u can... and mash them up (works best when they're cold) Then put cheese on them, and warm them up (microwave) and put them on nachos. I have never done it on nacho cheese- but it worked well w/ mozzerella, so I'm guessing it'll taste good though?

oh BTW i dont think you know this but shes a christian!

I you tryin' to imply summat.? well?

And what.....? i dont see your point? you got one eh..?

Mmmm, I am more of a pasta kinda guy

spaghetti bolonaise is delicious!

Do you mean bologna, right? Cause bolonaise isn't a word, and polonaise is a polish dance.