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NachoDaughter Graduates From College! Answered

. NachoMahma is proud to announce that his daughter now has a BA in Theater. With scholarships, grants, work-study, part-time jobs, &c;, her five years of college have cost me less than 10K USD ... that's TOTAL for the five years and includes room and board! That's my girl.


Well done that youngling! The chap over her shoulder doesn't look too happy, though.

(the chap over her shoulder IS NachoMahma's daughter !! ... Did not you understand ? if NachoMahma is a man, NachoDaughter is a boy ..... logic !)

"Logic"? I think babelfish has let you down a bit there... LOL

His Mommy didn't come to the ceremony :-(

Good Going. *thumbs up* :-)

Sorry, comment below meant for the Keith-Kid. Your comment was under his looking like you both were the grammar and typo police.

rubs eyes and checks glasses

You avatar is looking a bit lighter after your workout on the treadmill...I hope you are doing better...

I am just a shell (sketch) of my former self :-)

Yeah, yeah, payback, on my keyboard the letter C is next to the G...darn kids learning on websites to pop the keycaps and switching them for some prank...

. Wow! I really didn't expect such a large response. Thanks to all for the congratulations. She will be home (well, I guess it's not really home for her any more) this coming week and I will show her this page.

Gongrats! It's one of those things in life when you just can't wait to get them out of the house and now they've sprouted wings you just want them to be a kid again. Awwwwww. Is it on to Hollywood or Broadway next?

. She's been out of the house for several years now. We've gotten to the point where we get on each other's nerves after a few days under the same roof. heehee . She'll probably end up in one of the bigger cities. I'd prefer she go to Shreveport (established theater and growing film industry there), as that's only about two hours from me, but I have friends in the Chicago area that can help keep an eye on her. But, if she ends up in LA or NY (or elsewhere), then so be it - as long as she's happy, I'll adjust.

If she doesn't know already, have her look into backstage.com and shootonline.com which are trade publications for actors/theater professionals. I guess there is also SAG and other actor guilds/unions to look into. Good luck to her, another starving artist out to make it big.

Way to go, Nachodaughter!

Congratulations to you and your daughter, having spawned her you get some happy aswell...

. Well, I didn't spawn her, but she's been with me since she was 4-5 yo. I adopted her the week before I divorced her mother. Long story, but I got custody.

I would count that, it's all about the raising bit... Good summary of story...

Will she be forced to wear this funny hat all her life ?????
(10K usb for a funny hat, that's quite expensive ..........)

Congrats to the dad and the daughter of course =o)

. If I worked as hard as she did for that funny hat, I'd wear it 24/7. I'd sleep and shower in the thing. LOL

Is the "beams with pride" because she graduated, or because it only cost 10K?

Oh, and congrats.

. Both! . She worked hard for it - studying, working, taking on extra projects, &c.; She's much more driven than dear ol' Dad. . She turned out pretty good, in spite of her upbringing. ;) . . The dogs think she is a great makeup artist. She almost got bit one night when she came home from a performance with her stage makeup on. Luckily, they recognized her voice, but they were on high alert for a few seconds. They had to smell her for a while before they believed it was really she (her?). LOL


May I point out how weird this sounds:

NachoMahma is proud to announce that his daughter....

> May I point out how weird this sounds: . Since I'm in such a good mood, yes, you may. heehee

Congrats! That's something to be proud of! Did you say somewhere you were an Arkansan?

. Yep. Born here and spent most of my life here. Whoooooo pig, sooie!

I've lived here for about 12 years. My kids love it, my parents are moving here. I guess I am a full-fledged Arkie now myself.