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Naked images on Ibles.com?? Answered

I am a little bit confused. I apologise if I missed this thread. Did I just see boobies in the ad bar at the top of my page? I was about to hit Scrn Pnt so I could post it... but it refreshed and I lost it I must say I was impressed at the images yet could not believe it... Has any one else seen this ad?


I'm sure I would have preferred to see those you're talking about ...........

Could it have been the silicon-moulding 'ible? I usually just get the "Drawing for Non-Majors" ad, that serious-looking chap in accountant spectacles.

across the top I seem to get random items depending on where I happen to be at this site, but on the right.....I get a lot of this annoying looking bald fellow in specticles pointing at ME advertising Pennsylvania Accident Lawyers. It comes up way too often for my liking :-)

me Too! skate6566, you live in pennsylvania too?

On the other end of the state (I think), about an hour and a half from Philly, and about 3-4 hours from Gettysburg (and about an hour from Harrisburg, and a little further to Hershey :-)

Several times, yes. The last time I was in the area though, my wife and I went to see the Miniature Horses of Adam's County! Oh what fun that was. And they are SOOOOO cute! Horses no bigger then a St. Bernard, and some smaller. They are full sized (for their breed) horses (these guys definitely did not become extinct millions of years ago ;-) . And they had a little show, it was a great time.....youngin's (pre-teens) that like horses would love it for sure, but I had a good time there too (this was a few years ago - like 10-15).

That's cool. I've been several times as well, never seen the miniature horses though. Apparently they shot the film "gettysburg" on the actual battlefields, and it is weird to be at some of the more recognizable spots, like being in the movie minus all the soldiers.

Well, some day plan on seeing them (I linked to the home site in my last post)....I thought it was really neat. Hopefully you can see one of their shows too.

oh wait, that is someone else that lives in Pittsburg *blush* I am "opposite" from him.

I get the google text ad things, with the stuff about LED lights. I get Edgar Snyder sometimes. At the top, almost ALWAYS do I get an ad for an instructable. For example, right now I have the Kleenex Compainon cube.

I have never gotten any suggestable ads from Instructables.

Me neither till that one... hence my post.

Nope. Maybe he was looking at the same perky breasts I was.

Maybe you have some male ware.

Hmmm... fire wall, active scans.... Still it is a possibility.... Yet, it was embedded onto the page as the normal bar would appear..

Ok, I still haven't seen this myself (nor a screenshot), but I now have an idea how this could have happened, and I know who yell at. Taking care of this immediately. Thanks for catching it, and my apologies.

No apologies needed as I and only perhaps one other witnessed it. I certainly for one wasn't offended, yet I wasn't sure about the kiddies..

personally, i don't like those gay community workout banners, little awkward while going here during school.

I haven't


That sounds perfect, unclad females sporting ibles projects 8D

Also there are 2 ibles, one on Burlesque Pasties and one on LED Burlesque Pasties that may have come up. But I haven't seen them in a long while.

Nope. Pink bits were showing.... and sadly no led's to speak of.

I don't want to insult the lady, or ruin the illusion, but I somehow have the impression that the picture is of an LED pastie on her SHOULDER (or upper arm.) (OTOH, my wife says I'm wrong.)

Checked the Ible's again. Still no pink bits showing. ;(

That's what I was thinking.

If you grab a screenshot, I can do something about this. All of our ad servers have adult content disabled, so you shouldn't be seeming anything like what you've described. I'll keep my eyes open, though.

no, it isn't "pink", but that is what is on the first page.

maybe from: replicating body parts in plaster ?

Yep, I saw this a while back.

You Should:
Contact Eric.
You could Install Adblocker Plus in firefox to prevent it from happening again, as well.

I've never had it happen before, but It's better safe than sorry, right?

Have opera... more than takes care of pop-up's. I have added blockers as well.. :) It wasn't a "pop-up" as it was embedded... exactly the same as the bar at the top you see now...

You could Install Adblocker Plus in firefox to prevent it from happening again, as well.

I have Adblock Plus installed, but I have it disabled for any pages on the Instructables server. With Adblock, the ads never load, so the website gets no revenue from them. By disabling it, iBles gets a penny or two every hundred times you load an iBles page. (I don't know the actual rates, but they're pretty low, usually.)

The best method is to contact Eric, particularly if you have a screenshot or an advertiser address. He can then block the ads from appearing.

Just to clarify... It was the top ad bar which would normally feature prominent Ible's or at the moment "Bike month" etc.... It was not a pop-up, I have blockers, do not get any pop-up's ...ever. It was in the ad bar not ontop but the actual ad bar. The ad as I recall looked to be a chat/meet up site for people... The pics were graphic. They was 6 equal size running across the bar... Exposed breasts/nipples A couple of guys (naked but no exposed parts), some more boobies then some rumps... I was literally shocked still and had a brain fart about scrn printing it.... once it refreshed and dissapeared my browser stuffed up when I hit back... wouldn't load it again...

I missed naked boobies:( Uh, seriously, I'm not exactly an anti-porn crusader but I CAN DO WITHOUT IT. my young kids love this site. Well they are boys. Hmm, Maybe they just love the boobies, not the 'ibles. ANd I thought they were budding inventors. Doh!!!!

Hmm, Maybe they just love the boobies, not the 'ibles.

Lol, not to worry, it doesn't happen often. You're not apt to come across them at all, really.

This has happened before. Let Eric know ASAP.