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Name This Bus! Answered

Ok, I've owned this "Skoolie" for several months, but she still doesn't have a proper name. I bet she feels like an orphan or something. Please have a look at the pics and give this poor bus a name!



9 years ago

i call it "School Bus"

Have you chosen a name yet?

I'm leaning towards Skunkbus or Skunktrap, but I'm still open for suggestions.

Yeah, I'm down to Skunkbus and Skunktrap. Right now, I use those two names interchangeably.

You should paint on the skunktrap. I sorta like that better. =D

When I get around to painting, I'll probably make a final decision. As you see, I have two busses. One will probably be "Skunktrap", and the other "Skunkbus".

OK, so basically, you don't have to chose, one will be Skunkbus and the other Skunktrap... Why is that, skunk, do they stink or what??? :) Just asking, no ofense...

Yeah, they'll each get a skunkname. But no, nothing around here actually stinks (except the chickens). It's more of a philosophy or lifestyle. If something lures skunks (metaphorically); it's unpretentious, practical, funny, flawed and (for some unknown reason)still attractive.

haha, true, I like the way you think.... but, to me, practical doesn't go whit a skunk...and in a strange way it is pretty much attractive....

Oh! If you don't go with monk, Michael!

Haha, I just like the name, but I suppose the biblical sense.

If you're going biblical, then, surely, it's got to be Abaddon ?

I personally am a fan of Maershalalhashbaz. Or Mephibosheth

anarchist plasma redbox dragon dragon ball z charizard charisma metalbox shuttle

the skunk mobeal

Looks a little smaller than the others...


I'm not sure on a name but I think that it should say the skunk cometh on it somewhere...

Has Skunk-Haven been suggested ? :-)

Not yet, but that would make a good name for my hunting property!

I used to frequent a campground in MD on a little peninsula jutting into a small cove of a backwash (called Bush River), that was nicknamed Skunk Hollow :-) I remember one night sitting in a screen tent (no floor), and we were all playing cards (rummy or something innocuous) and a rustling sound drew our attention to the far end where a pretty little "Flower-like" skunk had nudged its way underneath....ignored all of us at that table (about 7-8), walked UNDER our legs (my Mom nearly freaked, but Dad and I helped her stay quiet), and proceeded to see if it could help itself to our garbage. Finding it too hard to tip over the can, it quietly exited the near end. Pretty little creatures, aren't they ? :-)

They are cute....but I've been pretty close to a few as well. I always give them there fair clearance. There's no real "winning" against a skunk. When there's a skunk/human conflict, everybody loses!

Well most of these were pretty accustomed to being in camp and around the humans, so as long as we didn't spook one, we were ok. :-)

Yeah, I think they have a pretty good disposition when they realize how afraid of them WE are.

I just thought of the most perfect name. Eugene!

Just random. I associate "Eugene" with slight humor, ever since hearing the Weird Al song in which there's " This acne ridden kid about sixteen/wearing a dorky nametag that said, "Hello, my name is Eugene".

That's my middle name! Seriously! I hid it from my kids, and they didn't believe me when I finally told them. But still, I can't quite live up to the name. I just never could rock a pocket protector and coke-bottle lensed (taped) plastic framed glasses.

It's ok, my dad was particularly secretive about his middle name, Hilary, which was a tradition he didn't bother passing on to ruin my luck with forms.

We almost gave Skunkpunk the middle name "Melchizadek". But at the last minute grandparents prevailed and we went with Ambrose.

Let me help you.


Good move. That would have been only a hair above Prochorus!