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Name change Answered

Im going to change my name to: Tom Buckey. just so you all know so you dont think its a faker ect.
Thanks for reading


You made a forum topic just to tell us that your name now has a space in it? Really?

You're right, the proper way to do it is:

Look, I'm Tom Buckey, I created a forum topic to announce that I am Tom Buckey.  I plan on changing my username from TomBuckey to Tom Buckey.  If you didn't notice, there will be a space between the Tom and the Buckey.  Just so that there is no confusion, I am stating for the record that I am Tom Buckey.  Heck, look at all my Tom Buckey instructables here.  That's me. Please subscribe. Really.

Now all i'm going to be thinking of TOMBUCKYTOMBUCKY all day. -.-

See sense - you know the trouble that has been caused by people creating almost-identical identities.

Yeah, because everyone is going to want to act as cool as TomBuckey by making a fake account.