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Name + number telephone save to MP3 player? Answered

Dear All..
 Please could you help me to know :
It possible save name and number telephone from NOTEPAD or other from (my computer) to MP3 player ( please see my MP3 on picture) If yes  please show me where to find it on Google  and if easy please point me.Thank you so much in advance for your time and hope you will help me.
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MP3 players like that can be treated as if they were just another USB drive.

In your Notepad software, choose File, Save As, and then select the MP3 as your destination drive.

Dear Kiteman

First, thank you very much for your time to guide me , I apologize for my question is not complete? I would like to see(name + tl:) on screen of MP3 but after success to save data to (MSC) MP3. I open mp3 see only ( NO FILE) on screen MP3.So could you help me again by point me how I can do for see (name + tl:) on MP3. I am sorry for my English not well and hope you will help me again, Many thank you.
Best regards

Ah, I understand your request now.

I do not know for certain how to do it. Perhaps you could use the name and number as the file-name of an empty MP3 file?

Dear Kiteman

Thank you for your reply . Very interest and I like to try as you said ( ###Perhaps you could use the name and number as the file-name of an empty MP3 file?##) but I don't know how do that.

Any way thank you again for your time with me.

Best regards


Create a mute audio file using a sound editor (for example Audacity old but works).

Use a MP3 tag editor on the file to store the phone number into the file.
Save the file with a meaningful file name, for example again the phone number.

What you can store per file depends what tags will be supported by the player, most offer Album, Artist and Song title, some just the title, you have to try it out.
Don't think you will find a karaoke capable player this size, but they also allow to display with the entire lyrics to play along the song.

Dear Downunder35m.

Very good idea I will try it ,Thank you so much for your time help me.

Kind regards