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Name that Plant! I sure can't! :) Answered

I purchased this plant 3 years ago in Ohio at a Kmart and brought it home to Georgia as a souvenir. I try to save the nametags but this one apparently disappeared and I can't recall what type of plant it is! It doesn't flower and seemed to spread a little but hasn't really done so in a while. It is a perennial and stays green for the most part and doesn't tend to die out and return each year. Any clue? Thanks so much! (I had attached a picture and sure didn't know that it didn't appear!)



A picture would be immensely helpful.

I thought I'd included a photo but went back and saw it didn't come through. I ran it again-thanks for your help!;

Hi, Msgracie,
 I'm pretty sure it's Pachysandra (that's the scientific genus name, also widely used for a common name). Pachysandra is a good groundcover  for shady spots.

Pachysandra is a member of Boxwood family (Buxaceae). If you want to find scientific names and common names, and where it fits in the plant kingdom, do a search at a great website:
"Integrated Taxonomic Information System--authoritative taxonomic information on plants, animals, fungi, and microbes of North America and the world."