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Name the Robot? Answered

I think we should give the "Instructables Robot" a proper name. Who's with me?



10 years ago

Lets call him Instructables I19583(Yellow Edition) manual coming soon

NO! Instructables Robot fits him perfectly.

I think the spelling of his name should be changed. RowBoTt OH YEAH!!!

Hmmm... R0807 It looks kind of, confusing. A little tweaking and it will be perfect!

Exactly! I gotta go to Taco Bell now. Remember, Buddy Christ is with you.

I gotta go to Taco Bell now.

As long as you don't have to run back home :-)

Hmmm...How about we use the name he asked us to use? Oh wait, that's "Robot." Never mind.

While we're at it, I think I'll arbitrarily rename you "Fitzwilliam." Do you believe this name suits you, Fitzwilliam?

While were at it, I might as well suggest Archibald LOL

Hmm, I have heard the name Archie as a first name, that is the first time I have ever heard it as a last name :-)

All of the bookends at my school library are made by "Gaylord". The company stamped its name into all of them.

Yeah, I know. My last name is not uncommon nor all that, as some would view it, odd....but it rhymes with Smeller, so you know how kids can be, especially if one is as shy and quiet as I was at one time. You get the butt of all the jokes and comments.

Yeah, I am normally at Las Vegas with my "friend" Penn :-/ ;-)

Fitzwilliam seems good. Should I bother getting Eric to change my name? Also, good job noticing that in the forum topic. I hadn't. I suppose this answers the questions I set out to ask: do the general public like his name (yes), and does he like his name (yes). My work here is done.

Instructables robot is a great name!


The Robot is the the Robot. You can't change his name. It would be changing his whole "Ness". Not cool.

*shakes head in disappointed disagreement, AKA Kiteman fashion*

Agreed, no other name is required - Robot simply ... is

Puffs sagely on non-carcinogenic cyber-meerschaum.

watch it, that cyber smoke has a lot of negative ions in it LOL

Hm. I rather expected that response. In a way, I agree, but in another, I think that "Robot" is a little boring. What I was really interested in when I published this was the Robot's response.

What I was really interested in when I published this was the Robot's response.

Well, if he doesn't respond to this topic, go to his Orangeboard and ask him what his real name is, or what he'd like it to be ;]


10 years ago

He's Robot. Haven't we done this before?