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Names for K'nex guns Answered

Hey, I've decided to name my weapons, like the heavy does in TF2. They are as follows (and they will NOT work without the Russian accent):

Storm 220 V1 = Sascha

Storm 221 V1 = Gertie

Storm 222 V1 = Ursula

Storm 223 V1 = Bertha

Storm 220 V2 = Natascha

Storm 221 V2 = Rosmerta

Storm 222 V2 = Nikita
(postage after we've moved house)

TJ-ASTR V1 = Lucy

Jamassault pistol = Hannah

TJ-SR-V4 = Barbera

Storm 22 Pistol = Nathalia

I'll be referring to them by name from now on, so you better learn these!



7 years ago

how about SV-5?

I made a rifle it needs a name help


Give me its stats (range, what it fires, how it fires etc.), I'll come up with one.

range: 50 feet ammo: siprianri ammo length: 2 feet

sounds nice. I may post it with this name. you get credits for name

oh heven help us here comes Bertha! no offense man but im not cowering in my boots-in fact i might fall over from laughing.....

☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻ muwahahahaha

Your weapons are all female? XD

*MCR starts to play* 'Because they sleep with a gun...'

NO! Randomsauce overpowers the pathetic flavour of lolsauce with its pungent flavour of randomness!

True. But no one can harness the power of roflsauce yet.

i have nicknames for my guns too

my pistol=bulldog
my assault rifle*=chuck**
my sniper*=dragon
my secret mg=beast***
please note these are only a few of my guns

  • will be posted
** as in chuck norris
*** will never ever ever post or post pictures

The Jamalam= The knex equivalent of microsoft?

As in I am crap at working or i come up with cool names?

no, I mean, at first, Microsoft is awesome in the 90's and such. Recently, they are making average OS's with decent performance. You are pretty much similar in this regard.

Nikita is the name of the rocket launcher on Metal Gear Solid

Is it? lolk and Sascha and Natascha are the Heavy weapons guys (from TF2) Miniguns.


No comrade? That's like, the most russian russia name ever!

I wanna call your storms by the numbers, if you talk about your guns by what you wanna call them, I will just say "what gun?"

Don't dis them, or I will pwn you with Nikita!

how do you pwn someone with 1 word from a foreign language?

they sound sexy XD

Oh my God, who touched Sascha? WHO TOUCHED MY GUN?! I lol'd so hard when i saw that. Just like with the sniper. I'm not a crazed guman, dad! I'm an assasin! What the difference be?! One is a job and the other is mental sickness! XD Or the scout: BOINK!

Yeah, that was very weird, lol. I have them uploaded on my Youtube-channel. :P