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Natty Narwhal Help (Urgent)? Answered

Tried to upgrade to Natty Narwhal last night, but it looked like it ruined my computer. Its an old laptop Dell Inspiron 86000. It seems to install fine, but when it boots the words are blurry to the point where it is unreadable and the desktop flickers constantly. The bar at the top doesn't even load. The icons jump around the screen. Its impossible to use. PLEASE HELP. I know this is more a thing for the Ubuntu forums, but I don't have an account yet. Also I booted with a Live version of Ubuntu 10.10 to try and recover my files, but it looks like I can't get at them because it is in a password protected folder. HELP.


When logging in, change the session to "ubuntu" to use Unity instead of Gnome/Openbox. I'm not crazy wild about Unity, but it should at least work properly.

It probably hasn't ruined anything, but got confused on what resolution the screen could handle.

Ctrl-Alt-F1 should take you out of X and to the first text console (should work on any Linux). That will let you log in and use any text-based editors or other tools needed to fix the real problem.

Try typing alt - backspace to kill the X server session.


Try getting to a command line as it boots, instead of even starting the X server

I don't know the details for your Linux

Thanks for trying, but it looks like during the install it corrupted my login account. I can't even get it to login anymore. I'm going to have to burn a live disc of 11.04 and reinstall fresh from that. Thanks for your help though.