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Neat Little Lamp Answered

Check out this neat little lamp I found at Lowes. It's got pencil and paper holding "hands", LED bulb "head", and fully adjustable joints. Impulse buys FTW! I was supposed to be looking for a ceiling fan :P An Instructable on how to make one of these would be cool.


Cool! I've seen this before at lowes. How much was it? Where can I get the bulbs?

Nice! do you know anywhere that sells the bulbs for really cheap? I've always wanted one


10 years ago

In a way, it's really annoying when something that WOULD have made a neat homebrew project becomes available on the mass market. Or especially if it's close but not quite what you were looking at building, but too close to make putting the custom effort into your own project. (My wife bought an alarm clock like this. Two separate alarms, etc, etc. almost everything I'd want from an alarm clock, and certainly enough that I've lost motivation to build my own...)