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Need A Reliable MECHANICAL Speedomenter? Answered

I recently motorized a mountain bike and it is great.  I bet I can top 40MPH!!  Only problem is, I have no way of knowing for sure how fast I'm actually going.  I could buy a digital speedo for like $10-20 but I want the look of having a speed gauge on my bike, plus it's a little harder to read a digital speedo at a quick glance when the screen is like 2 inches long and wide!  I saw this mechanical speedo on ebay for $10-20, but some reviews of it on other sites says it breaks really easily, or as soon as it hits 30 MPH it goes crazy.  Does anyone know where I can get a reliable mechanical (analog) speedometer?


Motorcycle scrap yard.

I was thinking of this, but there are two problems with that. 1) I live in Cypress Texas, there isn't a scrapyard here for anything! That really sucks when you need parts for cheap. 2) A motorcycle or car speedometer's speed range is way too high. I doubt I will go faster than 40-ish mph, so a speedometer that reads 100+mph is a bit overkill.

That might work. I know someone with one. I'll go check it out, thanks.

Car scrap yard. You will have to play around with gearing to get it to work from your bike - The cost should be minimal.