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Need DIY Nerf-type weapons for Christmas - Ideas?? Answered

Our Christmas tradition starts at about 10 am with a rowdy war of some sort. Unfortunately, the Nerf company can't make an unbreakable item for overgrown boys. This year, we're going with DIY weaponry. The Marshmallow shooter is too tame, and the rubber band gun is too harsh. What other options are out there? 


And the winner is.......
These work great, and were lots of fun for the boys and the new daughter-in-law. (We had to do Christmas early this year.)

Ow my eye! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look it up :)

May I suggest this? Everyone can make their own and choose their projectiles.

We are actually considering this idea. It might be fun to create their own, and then go to battle. It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Of course, you build the bigger secret giant slingshot of mega-doom and kept locked up in the attic until authorized for use by two people that hold separate keys to arm the device... This works for launching rolled up tee-shirts, socks, towels, dirty laundry....

Hi Very Interesting! - I took a peak at your profile page and found this question you posted.... I may have found the solution for you.

There is a website detailing a DIY gun that is advertised as a "T-shirt Launcher". The design seems to allow for a modification on the "ammo" so you wouldn't have to use t-shirts per say. It also seems to be very well built, cost effective and "overgrown boy" approved. This sucker shoots T-shirts 100 feet! (but you can adjust the psi to not be that powerful.

Check it out Here (they have a video instruction) and,

Here is the PDF for detailed directions and materials. 

Would love to see the finished photo (or video) of your rowdy madness if you'd like to share.

The rowdiness takes place in the house, so gas launched items won't work. Thank you for the suggestion though! I think we're looking into the ping-pong ball guns, or something of our own creation.

I think the design utilized an air pump (hence the adjustability), but regardless, as you said you're looking for an indoor solution, and perhaps this is a bit much.... well i tried, good luck in coming up with a solution.

Ok, I'm a boob. I assumed this was gas powered without really looking into it. I want to thank you for posting this website! There are so many cool things on here, I can't wait to get started. Caitlinsdad suggested socks, and I think that will work great with this. Thanks again!

I'm a little disturbed at how much abuse you're expecting these weapons to take...

I run a Nerf club at our college and we have yet to get any broken blasters. In fact, the worst was when I lunged to tag someone with a gun and caught it with my face.

The blaster won...Blood was involved.

Have you tried dodgeballs? They are a tad on the heavy side, so any knicknacks and china may want to take cover... Then again, those seldom coexist with "overgrown boys" very long anyway

The blasters we had worked great the first Christmas, and then fell apart over a year. This wasn't even monthly use, and the kids were still little. Yes, for the amount they cost, I do expect more out of them. I like Nerf, and am not knocking the company; they make a lot of really fun toys. I'm looking for a fun DIY projectile this year.