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Need For speed Bus Modification,I can Race Buses!(Video Included) Answered

I Modified The game Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 To Let me Race With A bus,And Make the other Players Race with the bus too.
Here is a video

Post Screenshots/Pictures of some Games you Modded
If Anyone Wants To Know Exactly how i Did this,Ask In a Comment,If Anyone Wants Me to Make A Utility To Mod the Game for you(With an Undo Option,Of cource) Just Ask me.


Hot pursuit 2 is old.

I thought hot pursuit 2 is older than XP...

Big time no :P Windows XP Was released in 2001 And NFS HP2 Was Released in 2005.

I thought HP2 was released before underground. The nfs game released in 2005 is most wanted. you fail.

My mistake, It was 2003. You fail for thinking it is older than XP,it is actually 2 years newer than XP

Nope, its 2001. You fail for thinking that XP is older than HP2, and you fail for saying I fail.

You Fail for spreading stupid information
Release date(s) ...
PAL November 8, 2002
It Was First released in the late 2002's Round that to 2003 You are dumb.
And windows XP:October 25, 2001 In the Mid late 2001's
Get your facts straight

Let me fix it NFS HP2 release date:November 8, 2002 It Was First released in the late 2002's Round that to 2003 You are dumb. And windows XP:October 25, 2001 In the Mid late 2001's Get your facts straight

My source said 2001. get your life straight.

your source is un-reliable i got mine from wikipedia and it is backed up by my memory, I remember i first saw it at 2003

I got mine from some dedicated nfs fansite with hardcore fans.....

well fans don't always have it right, Wikipedia Would be more reliable, They back up everything in all of their articles

well i support both i have the collection of nfs games including nfs hotpursuit 3, nfs world.

no, one of the backup sites on wikipedia was that fansite. plus, anyone can edit wikipedia....

and? Also why do you think the game says copyright blah blah EA Games 2002?

Look, I dont have the game, so I dont know what the copyright date is...

so i win i proved myself right *win dance*

do you want a video? also, What happened to the Check spelling button?

The check spelling button will return, a bug removed it.

ahem arghm cough i win cough Also WHY?


one more thing: Hot pursuit 2 came before XP service pack 2, I win on that part.

your source is un-reliable
i got mine from wikipedia


Not bad, LOL..... Pretty sweet. Can you do that with NFS: Most Wanted or NFS: Carbon?

I know in nfs most wanted, you can use a bus as your pursuit vehicle in challenge mode, as well as some other traffic cars.

yeah, but the challenges are pretty high up, you need to beat other challenges (the ones with crappy street cars) first.

I see.... I never tried it since I've never even bothered with challenge mode...

It Depends On How The Game is Made,Probably,it Can as Easy As Copying files,And As Hard As cracking an Encryption.

What NFS is this? (The one on the video.)

Hot Pursuit 2,Like i said in the post.

Oh, sorry, I overlooked that. That's pretty cool.

yeah,I Also Got it To Work In their Previous game Need for Speed Porshe unleashed,It Was Harder though, I forgot the Procedure now,The Cd Formed a Crack in the center,I have never played the game since,It was My favorite,It ran At Full Speed on my Speedy 300MHZ PC,It Was Wonderful,And I Have Been Unsuccessful At Finding an ISO on the Web That is not a torrent. Friends again(I don't think we where ever friends but whatever :P)?

Cool. I have Porsche challenge for the PS1, I'm actually still playing it LOL.... My 'lil bro brought up the game after I beat NFS Carbon, so yeah....

Porshe Challenge? Are you Talking about the NFS PU? Or is it just Called Porshe challenge?

That NFS PS1 game where you get to play mostly with Porsches....

Ah...I'm not sure what you mean...


9 years ago

you just changed all the car models to a bus model. you didnt even script for the correct boundaries, just kept the old ones. needless to say, this is hilarious!

Well,Its Not just the Model,The Texture too,And The car.ini. Also,The Boundaries,I Don't Really know why it did not change,I Changed the Car shape to the type for the bus.