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Need Gun Ideas? Answered

I am making a gun for a competition airsoft  fight, the guns must be home-made though.
To have the slightest chance of surviving I need a gun that :
Is robust and strong, and can handle being knocked about a bit,
Reasonably simple design
Needs to be semi auto or auto
Needs to be light and portable
And it needs to be quite powerful, 
It is a big ask, but i am really short on ideas. any help is welcome, thanks.


Its a good idea and I have never seen it used before!,
for my purposes it is still a bit to bulky but you have given me lots of ideas to think about , thank's for your help. :)

well you can try my idea as of the pcp bottle gun pcp in this case stands for precharged peumatic so below are is the link to both including the one of the attachments
 ps be carefull i do not know too much about british law
of coarse it will need to be pumped up however it still has a bulit in pump
remember though that the idea of the pcp bottle gun, the idea is the property of the author of the pcp bottle gun article i also know of coarse my family have not mainly lived in eroupe since the 1870's

You have some good ideas posted there, but for cloud bbmgs (the first link) the rof is just too high, of course having a portable equivalent hmg (because of the rof!!) is a good thing but it eats up bbs and gas faster than you can put them back into the gun, making it quite awkward to use, As for the second link that is a good idea i might use a variation of that in the future!! thanks allthesame though :)

if you want instead of adding a bag you can just insert a hose into the leaf blower rifle, set it to blower and isert ammo

if it uses up that much ammo than why don't you just keep using more leaf blower bags of ammo just like as if it were a magazine because first of all i made a deal of helping people

The link has died on me, it doesn't work for me. but I am intrigued a leaf blower bb gun? how does that work?