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Need Help With 123d Catch (urgent) Answered

I want to enter this contest https://www.instructables.com/community/123Ds-first-weekly-challenge-has-begun-Steal-Pu/

and after hundreds of pictures and lots of trials, i can't get the right model

would someone like to help me fix this mess --- (the statue is on a small hill and is a little bit broken)

if interested, here is the link to download the files of my best attempts ---- https://dl.dropbox.com/u/18723152/3d%20lion.rar

video orbital has a messed up back/tail and  head (has full legs -- can be used for base), 3rd draft has messed up tail and a hollowed head (has great details -- can be used for texture), 1st full image has everything perfect but blurry (it can be used as a platform)

UPDATE: My last attempted file is this one (this one has the sharpest details) --- https://dl.dropbox.com/u/18723152/Last%20attempt.rar



6 years ago

I really appreciate the tips and tricks and tutorials guys but I've tried tons of tricks a million times and after so many manual stitching efforts i have no choice left but to ask someone else to finish the job.

I would really appreciate if someone took a shot and just finalized the model

I really want to enter the contest but can't do it with the crappy work i have so far.

p.s. I'm not lazy, it's just that there isn't much time and me trying so many times would be futile considering the fact that the contest ends on july 22

p.p.s. i do appreciate the advice (for future projects) but i ask out of desperation

If its any help, they've extended the contest deadline to August 5, 2012, so you now have more time to work on it. Perhaps you can post to the forum topic and ask other members who have entered for some tips in getting it to work for you.

thanks for the great news, this made my day
as a matter of fact, i did post a forum topic there and am waiting for replies
although i don't expect much from there, i mean who would want to help out the opponent

I didn't see your post in the Instructables Forums... You might want to post a question to the original post OR to the update where the contest was extended. Instructables Staff Members are not allowed to win in Autodesk contests (AFAIK), so I'm sure they'd give you some advice on how to fix your pictures or get them working.

I don't think you'll find too many people willing to do the work for you though...

BTW, Don't forget to mark this question as "answered" by choosing a best answer and clicking on one of the blue buttons, once you have the help you need. :)

just posted the question on the original forum on instructables
i thought you meant on the 123d website forum (that's where i posted it)
i am trying (and failing) to fix it myself as well
i'll mark the best answer after the contest is finished (you never know)

You could try using Autodesk meshmixer to clean up and/or combine these scans - see http://www.meshmixer.com , and http://www.youtube.com/meshmixer for tutorial videos...

Go to the forum topic HERE where the challenge is listed and then scroll down a ways to read the comment from canida in reply to "lime3D" who had a similar problem. Canida has some links in her comment that will hopefully help you.

Seems to be a common problem. Check out the comments on the contest page.