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Need Help with Minimalist Table Design Answered

Hello again dear friends.

Today I'm looking for help among the carpenters and metalworkers of the community.

I need to build a new computer desk because I need a lower, wider, and longer work surface. I opted for a minimalist and modern design that I've included in the pictures below.

I'm going to have local craftspeople make the wood board and steel frame, but I don't trust their expertise very much - so I would like to ask for your help regarding a few issues.

Regarding woodwork:

- I've understood that I should not put a beam across the boards for strength - I read online that this will induce splitting due to shrinkage. Is this correct?
- Is 4cm (1" 9/16) board thickness enough to support weight (heavy monitors) considering the large span between the table legs? (see picture of underside)
- The 4 boards used would be teak wood or Ecuador laurel (Cordia alliodora), full length x 7 inches wide

Regarding metal work:

 - I'd like for the table to look as minimalist as possible, but I still feel I need a way to strengthen or stiffen the frame so it doesn't wobble side to side. Is there a way to do this without visually changing the table? I'm planning on using 1" x 2" square galvanized tube.
 - I've implemented a crossbeam to help prevent sagging of the board. Is one enough? It's offset so as not to reduce leg space.

Any help you can provide will be much appreciated!




2 years ago

Make an "X" of thin cables under tension across the back of the desk - one cable from bottom-left to top-right, the other from top-left to bottom-right.

Not completely invisible, but also not very noticeable in the shadows under the desk.


2 years ago

Well I guess no one knows.