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Need Ible Bot Pics! Answered

Hello all. Once more I find myself needing a few pictures. For my collaboration masterpiece I need a pic of the Ibles Robot holding a book, something kinda encyclopedia-ish, and of him/her/it doing something related to each of the ibles categories. Here's a pic with the text I'm after, but my pic manipulation skills are poor, as is my software. Thanks!



9 years ago


Modifiye instructopedia.jpg

I'll have a crack at it I'm sure I cna put a book in his hands, in the meantime here's something to tide you over

britpissed robot.jpg

It's not bad, just a bit busy for my tastes... I was always undecided about that bit of wikipedia anyways...

Is there any other changes you'd like? it's not that hard to do...

Photoshop CS2 9.0, I have a free copy from a friends company... All the robot stuff I do gets done with vectors first...

Ah. I'm trying to find a free vector app that's Vista-compatible... Inkscape's giving me a hard time...

What I really like, though, is Fireworks. I learned vector stuff on that =]

What on Earth are you up to? Trying to single-handedly challenge wikipedia?

Sorry to hear about you losing your arm like that... did that happen over in 'Nam?

ahhhh. now i get it. i hate being the last one to get something, be it a joke or a new computer

No, lost in a fight with a dinosaur. I'm getting a replacement built.

Are you going for the cyber-punk cybord type deal with the built-in plasma cannon?

no he isnt. i have veto on that board, and i say hes not getting a gun in his fake limb.

Since when is there a board for those who lack an arm?

I'm going for a sleek ultra modern design with built in sonic screw driver and space time warp generators.

Wow, I just noticed that one of these springs up each month. Last two I remember were my own and jessyratfink's