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Need Idea of what to do with this?!?! Answered

I bought this "FLUX capacitor" at a closing antiques/random oddities place a few months back and am now being pestered to do something with it. If anyone has any ideas as to what someone (with beginer experience in most areas) can create with this as a base, please drop a comment, if better pictures are required, just ask and i will try and get better ones.

P.S. Sorry for the rotations on the pictures, don't know how to change it in instructables...


(To rotate the pictures, during upload, there's a small "rotate" button next to the thumbnail in the upload pop-up box. Click it until things look right, then hit upload.)

Thanks, i will fix this once i get home.

You'll have to re-upload them for that to work, though.

When viewing an image while editing an instructable there's an option to edit in Pixr. If you click that and choose adjust, you can rotate the images. Be sure to save an apply when done.

I've found the Pixlr to be unreliable recently, freezing a lot, and the upload process is usually quicker.

I've never really had an issue. Maybe it's one of those other side of the world/using the site when SanFran is asleep and doing site maintenance kind of things?


can crusher experiment/demo.

This is a seriously dangerous capacitor once fully charged, deadly serious in fact, so be careful.

Used in industrial power supplies and inverters at the DC stage to create a nice and smooth DC.

Not really suited for pulse application and only a limited lifespan of aroun 12000 hours under full load.

But if you ever need to build a HV DC supply or massive inverter it will come handy.

Hmm, i wonder if the unit is dead and that's why it was at the junk shop.. if not then me and my friend may build another HV DC supply for even louder sparks.


If it was a real flux capacitor you could go back in time... I'm not sure what that unit really even is, just something manufactured by FLUX.

haha, now i only need to find a Delorean to mount this in...