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Need Ideas Answered

This is the first place that popped into my mind when I decided I needed a new idea. I am in a Photography class at my high school and I need help getting some ideas thrown at me. And no, this wouldn't be cheating since I'm not taking your ideas directly. I just think better when there are different ideas flying around. Basically the assignment is to shoot a frame within a frame photograph. Meaning the subject in the picture is framed by something. It doesn't have to be a literal frame, like something out of wood or steel. For example, the subject's face can be framed by their arms and hands. A couple things to keep in mind is no animals, no artwork (as in preexisting), and of course nothing that would be distasteful in a school setting.


well im also using black and white film cuz my schools cheap.

Shoot the inside of something, through an inspection panel or grating. Workshops through doorways. Somebody in a police-style mugshot (holding up numbers against a height chart), but wearing a T-shirt that says "I didn't do it" (framed!)