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Need Places With Free Recycled Computer Hardware Answered

I recently got a job with a non-profit organization to build computers to place in the hands of families who have students and cannot afford computers. Our problem is that we have run out of computer parts that actually work. Does anyone know of any places that will ship parts for free (we may be able to pay for shipping) to northwest Ohio? Its mostly IDE and PATA drives and PSU's and DDR ram we need.


The dumps a good place to look. Don't know how it works in US, but in UK theres a separate section for throwing out computers/electricals, so worth a look as some people don't bother gutting there computers.

I have some ddr ram and pata drives if you're willing to pay for postage. But hard drives are quite heavy, and aren't cheap to ship...


There's never anything near by on Craigslist.