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Need Someone with acess to laser cutter and high quality viynl (for laptop skin) Answered

hey guys, im looking to rid a macbook i have acquired from my brother of the apple logo. 
i am looking to cover the top lid with black vinyl with a custom cutout in the centre (smaller than the apple logo, maybe ubuntu logo or tux. undecided as of yet).
i do not have the access to equipment necessary for this so i am willing to pay an individual who can help me. 
get back if you think you can help



6 years ago

thank you for your reply steve!!
i have just purchased a black vynl skin for the unibody macbook.
would i be able to pay you to cut it for me using your cutter?
it will be a small design (3-4 cm in diameter)

Sorry, I missed your reply.
Yes, we can cut it.
PM me and we can arrange details.


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Carbon fibre effect ?

We have a laser.