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Need a 100v 0.2a generator...? Answered

I don't know where to get/how to adapt a generator with the specs i need. What i'm going to be using it for is a water wheel (a bike tire with paddles on it) to charge my phone while camping, so light is nice. I figure it'll probably be small and i don't need 100v, because it's a phone charger, but i'm not sure how that works so i could easily be wrong, but i believe that the 100-250v on the base of the charger is the max load.



8 years ago

Since the wall-wart used to charge your phone probably already takes the 110V mains power down to ~12V or less (my Motorola uses 5V through a mini-USB connector), why not just generate the low voltage directly, and make a cable?  You might even be able to use an off-the-shelf bike generator (the kind for a headlight).


Answer 8 years ago

I agree with kelsey, although a have a slight variation on my take....

100V in a camping setting is not a good thing. 100V DC goes well above safety (47VDC as I recall), so it's a clear hazard and could literally kill someone.

your phone likely has a car charger available, which runs off 12VDC.

So...a 12V generator system would make a great deal more sense, since the components are not hazardous and they are more common.