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Need a 30 watt "LASER" Answered

Looking for an inexpensive laser cutting/engraving system.
I will be taking it apart and  customizing it to fit onto another machine.  Currently, we have a rotating blade to cut sheets of material, but this set-up causes many issues.  A contact free solution would be best.  So I want to mount the laser carriage above the cutting area; the rest of the laser parts will be contained in a metal cabinet under the machine.  The laser would need to be able to travel 12-16 inches in 1-2 seconds and cut through 1-5 mil paper/poly material.
I have a fair amount of experience with lasers, I have know how to sight them in and understand the technology.  We currently have 45, 100 and 400 watt galvo head lasers, as well as a 90 watt XY laser set-up.

So, what website would you direct me to, to purchase an inexpensive laser system?


The 45 watt is a galvo head, far too expensive for this application. I just need a laser to cut through some material while riding on a carriage at intervals or 12 inches or greater.

You just need a simple laser module . what's the materials do you want to cut ? And what's the thickness ?

you said you have a 45 watt laser already and to cut the material you mentioned would require some around that range so why not just use that? But ebay is really your best option in getting it cheap.

Laser Diode... Very interesting. I poked around on instructables. Many of the plans discussed the carriage and the software, but do not cover the details behind the laser itself. My coworker is an electrician and automation expert, so I have all I need in the realms of MOVING the thing. I just need exact plans and lists for the diode itself. This will only need ON/OFF and maybe an intensity setting. Nothing fancier than that.

So where can I find the best details on building the laser diode setup with focus on the power and wiring?

How much power do you need ? It sounds to me if you are cutting material that thickness, you need only about 40W, which is in the realms of a diode laser these days. Cheapest place to find one ? Ebay.

try ebay Just be aware that some suppliers dont package the tube very well and the break in transit, I had 2 broken tube sent to me. make sure they guaranty that it arrives in one piece, or open it before you sign for it.


It would help if you said which country you are in...