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Need a 36 V schematic battery charger for a golf cart. Answered

Is there an iintegrated circuit that you can tap in to a 120VAC  and convert to 36VDC @10-20 Amps without using a transformer> Have An Everest and Jennings 24 V @10 A model 11350 need output cable pin connections ? Bob


Without a transformer, there really isn't a good way to do that.

It almost certainly has 3 x 12 volt SLA battery - connected in series. If you undo those connections you can charge 1 battery at a time with a 12 volt standard battery charger or indeed buy 3 battery chargers and charge all 3 at once -

Remember to undo the series connections first


5 years ago

Listen to Steve

There are several but each will be using a transformer or inductor at
those specifications.

Ever consider charging the 12V batteries as three separate units at the
same time, avoids all sort of problems :-)


No, but you can buy chargers fairly easily.