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Need a Motor for ASTM testing: 1-5 RPM, ~150 lb in of torque. Any ideas? Answered

I need a motor with low speed and high torque as described above. Thinking about using a 12V power supply but I'm flexible there. I've tried gear motors but I can't find any with the characteristics I need.
The application: motor needs to turn a screw that is fixed until the screw fails. After I have the motor I need I'm gonna have to find some way to graph the torque vs. speed curve.

Can't spend a fortune but willing to spend up to $100 because it's time critical.

RPM: 1-5 RPM
Torque: 150 lb in
Cost <=$100

Thank you so much for any suggestions!


What's that in SI units ? Around 17Nm, quite a lot of torque. Look for a worm based motor- gear box. You should be able to pick something on ebay


thank you Steve, I will look into that