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Need a Science Fair!! Answered

Well folks, it's that time of the year again, and I'm not talking about walrus mating season (You're welcome for the mental image though!)

I am in need of a science fair project for the 30th!

SO, being the good citizens that you are, get me a science fair!!!!

Nah, I'll ask more politely:

I'm in 10th grade. Could anyone recommend a science fair project? I mean, the whole deal, an instructable detailing the whole thing. (I won first prize for the beetlebot last year)

So....help plz.

I eagerly await Mr. Kiteford's response.


A jar, of what exactly, the centre of my head or jam?

The jam-jar jet could be a crowd-puller (they're noisy), but you'll need decent safety precautions and spare jars to go with your lid (watch the video to see why).

Thoughts (using more recent ibles first):

That do you?

I...don't know what to say......You, sir......are....just.....thank you....

Hey, they were already there - all you had to do was look.

Hey, I have a short atten-ooh....butterfly.....

Hey, he asked me directly - can't let the Kid down.

try making a simple model of a water gun. there are a few pneumatic guns out there (about 10)

I'm in 10nth grade, and I like to go for wow. A water gun isnt enough......

they probably take it away and class it as a wepon

how bout a van de graff generator. give the entire school bad hair days


9 years ago

How about making a hydroponics system. Cheap, easy, and people really like ways to make up for their crappy gardening skillz. :D

If you don't mind good sir... *Tips slightly jaunty hat.

I've got a little project coming within the week that's a pretty big wow and has some insane science behind it despite being composed of two bits. Having the writing done means that I can say I've made a mash of explaining it in the same way that I made the first five iterations, substituting materials I had on hand anyway for bizarre and silly ideas only to find that my suspicions about it working were completely unfounded. However the project is cool and would be a bit of spectacle, timing it to pull a crowd would be the best bet....

despite being composed of two bits.

That's pretty cheap :-) ( 25 cents )

I think I just broke a pun... That's not happened since the second coming of goodhart.

Well once I get the first one finished and up I'll be going on to the next experiment with this, making a version that you can use for stuff...