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Need a cheap Multimeter? Answered

Anyone in need of a cheap multimeter should click this link, print it out and get thee to harbor freight, where they honor the online price. It's their $40 multimeter on sale for $20, Has 30 function inc. freq. to 20kHz and temp to 1000 celsius. I've several of their $3 ones so i couldn't resist this one at this price.


Aww, I just bought an analog from them for $10......I coulda had a digital (instead of a V8.....*sigh*).

IMO, having both digital and analog is best. The analog meters are great for more transient signals, and the digital ones are higher impedance, so less electrical 'footprint.'

And $10 is a good price for an analog meter. I've seen cheapo digital for $4 (probably similar to TUA's $3 jobs), in fact I have one and it's pretty usable.

I remember 20 years ago, Sears sent me an "analog meter, and it came in this huge case. For my $8, I ended up with 10 of them LOL.

You got 10 meters for $8?

Yeah, they were really cheap jobs too. So I sold 5-6 of them to friends for $5 a piece and that is how retail it done LOL

Yeah, I know. I just needed a new digital and now am not sure I will be able to get it...

I read somewhere that at one point they had 2 dollar multi meters, it was so cheap because the secreen was connected to the circuit board by pressure, not wire, and the "switch" was just a dial making different contacts of circles on the circuit board, those 2 things cut out a lot of cost.

What you describe as "cheap" is pretty much standard practice for LCD displays and for multimeters swithes. What you tend to get from HF is cheap products at a cheap price, which to my mind is a lot better than cheap products at an not-so-cheap price (same construction practices, probably the same far-east manufacturer, at 3 to 10 times the HF price.) You can get quality products at significantly expensive prices too, of course, but it takes some research or a lot of money. I've got three cheap ($3?) HF meters, and I like them a lot. Better for a beginner to buy two cheap meters and be able to measure current and voltage simultaneously than spend a lot on a single meter that they're afraid to use...

(whatever happened to that instructable on how to use a multimeter that someone was going to write? Lady Ada has one here with lots of practical info, although I disagree with some of what she says...

I could not agree more! I have two of the $3 ones, one for more than five years, and despite severe abuse, including a soaking in Dexron ATF while working on the wife's car, they both keep on working.

Harbor freight is great! If you onlt need a simple one they usually have one for $3-5. Everything is cheaper at harbor. They also have a 11 piece wood carving set for 1.99