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Need a clock pulse switch circuit! Answered

I cannot not for the life of me figure out how to make this circuit.  The circuit needs to do this:

I push a button that sends a single signal to the circuit.  With each push of the button the circuit activates a seperate relay in sequence.  I need 6 relays to activate with 6 button pushes in sequence.  I know this is a very simple circuit to design.  I just can't figure it out nor find out how to make it.

I'm not sure what the voltage of the relays coil should be. 

My goal is to make bottle rockets launch off of my RC helicopter.  I'm going to use a 9vdc power source, a couple capacitors and some nichrome wire.  The relays are there so that each rocket launches seperately.  Hense the need for the circuit.   So with each push of the button on the transmitter...a seperate rocket is fired. 

Thanks for any help ya'll.


Y don't you use microcontroller and connect 6 relays to 6 different output pins. Write the code to control the relays as u take input from the switch.
{ Pou1=1; Pou2=0; Pou3=0..... Pou6=0;}
{ Pou1=0; Pou2=1; Pou3=0..... Pou6=0;}

Its just the logic. Code is not correct.

I'm thinking you need a FlipFlash system, but I'm not clear enough on how to make one. Still someone else may be. See under FlipFlash - multiple hot-wire ignitions from the same push-button.