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Need a custom sound or vibration device which reminds me every few minutes Answered

I do some concentration / relaxation exercises at times to keep myself fresh and efficient. When I'm at the computer, I have set a small program to sound a sweet chime every 15 minutes. And I can do a short, few seconds to a minute exercise and go on with my work.

But, when not at the computer, I can't remember always to do this. When I remember, it's already a few hours or so and the link breaks and it takes more time.

Can someone offer to help with a simple (electronic or whatever kind) idea of making a cheap sound or vibration device that can remind me at least once in 15 minutes? I know I can use my mobile, but I have a cheap Samsung mobile that only has 10 alarms, out of which 2 - 4 I already use as other reminders.

Thanks for the help.



8 years ago

I have a small iPOD shuffle like mp3 player of 1 GB capacity. On a local online portal, I found a 1 GB clock+mp3 player with expandable memory slot and speakers - all in a single housing. And this one can play a song when an alarm is needed. Very nice and I was looking for it  but it's highly priced and lacks custom alarms.

This made me think that if these guys can make such a thing, I could too (with a little electronics knowledge), but I'll need help on this and the circuit should be simple and made with cheap components. Or, if someone can suggest a cheap way of doing this. I already have small battery powered speakers. The thing is, how do you add a small clock and make the alarm pulse trigger the MP3 player ON, and then play the song, and then turn off or snooze or whatever.

Waking up to spiritual songs would be the best use of this small mp3 player!

Can anyone help me in this?

Egg timer of any kind or any kitchen timer, just twist it for the time, twist it each time, they're small enough for pocket, simple, no batteries and generally reliable, plus most of them are somewhat resistant to life as they're sealed for spills...

Alternatively set an alarm on your phone for when you start working, set the snooze time to however many minutes and hit snooze instead of cancel... Also my shiny Sony ericsson only has five alarms and it's got all the bells and whistles ever... No fair!

Thanks to everyone for the replies. I would love to have a wind-up mantle clock but it seems they have become antique pieces and cost somewhat more, and shipping would be a problem since they aren't available in India.

The vibration watches are nice too but unfortunately I have allergies to wearing watches, may be some other kind of watches I may be able to find.

Killerjackalope: The Egg and kitchen timers are the best one and I like these since these seem the cheapest and some of them can even be carried in the pocket, and no batteries needed. I got some great links from google HERE but saw people saying that they don't work well on those pages. Can you suggest something similar to the kids timer or the ladubug timer? Both these are no longer available.


We have a wind-up mantle clock that can be set to chime every quarter-hour - that would likely be the most civilised way of doing this at home.

how about a vibrating watch? they're normally for the hearing impared and whatnot...but a few of them have 40 or more alarm settings