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Need a cutting table design. Answered

I need a cutting table in my sewing room which is really a small bedroom. I have two single beds in the room and need to be able to put up a table that will stradle one of the beds. I need to take it apart and store the parts under the bed if someone comes to stay. And of course it needs to be easy to make and inexpensive. Come on guys I have seen how clever you are, get your thinking caps on.


About your head boards and foot boards and the length of your bead?

You could make a table top that sits in the head board and on the foot board when in use and you pop it off and shove under the bed when not in use.

If you don’t have a foot board and you have a low headboard it could sit on the headboard with fold out legs on a hinge at the foot of the bead. When not in use fold the legs at the foot of the bead and slide the table top under the bead.


Great ideas Joe. I don't have have a headboard or a footboard on the bed but the idea of adding fold up legs to a table top sounds good. I wonder if you can buy some kind of hinge to do that.

There are tones
Google, “folding table leg hardware”
Could make a simple H headboard.
Just two upright 2x2 and a cross 1x6 at the right height.
Most metal frames have bolt holes for a headboard.

i used to use a door on my kitchen table, if it would balance on top of the bed you could just push it over the back of the bed to sit up against the wall when you wanted to use the bed, if you wanted it higher i would tie some timber to the bed legs using cable ties

Kind of depends on the dimensions of the room, kind of bed and bed frame you have, what available materials and tools you have on hand, and what skills you have with those tools.

Room is small maybe 10 x 9. Bed is simple single bed on metal bed frame, no headboard or footboard. I am willing to buy whatever materials are needed if they are not in the garage. Hubby has a nice collection of tools and reasonable skills. Once heard of someone who made a temp table using sonatubes?? Never saw it, wish I did.