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Need a design for an outdoor wheelchair that converts to a bed for handicapped person to go camping again? Answered

I would like to build an all-terrain wheelchair that folds into a bed so I can take my adult brother with MS camping again.  Could use soft balloon tires and something like a lounge chair style that lies flat to make a bed.  It needs to have at least one firm arm that he can pull on to turn himself a little.  Ideally it could be converted to a bed while he is in it so he can rest if he needs to.  I would be so grateful for any help.  -CJ



This is very inexpensive to build and should work well for you. Check it out.

Check out this link:
This thing might make a great  platform for your
bed/ lounge chair idea. And you can control it remotely.

It's probably expensive, but if you tell the manufacturers
what you want to do they might work with you and
who knows, they might consider  making a proto-type.
It could be the start of an off-shoot business for them,
making a vehicle for handicapped persons.

Check out the videos of this thing, and you'll see
what I mean.

I admire your project.

There are so many variables in this I don't think anyone is going to be able to offer more than general ideas.

There are ATV wheelchairs available - I suggest you look at those for ideas.


Do you need this to be powered?

How far off grid do you expect to be (effects type of power).

Perhaps a combination of powered wheelchair and a separate light weight bed would be more effective.

I guess in principle you could make an ATV wheelchair that was effectively a trailer tent and hve the whole thing together.