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Need a good science experiment for the 4th and a 5th grader? Help I have a block this year.? Answered


What's your focus - scientific knowledge, or investigative skills?

If it's the former, let me know what the topic is, if it's the latter, why not ask the class for questions they would like to answer, and then pick the "best" questions?

When I was ten I've spent half a year staying after school playing with water. I is wet, dirty, splashy and overall exiting. Bonus: explaining these experiments doesn't need much more than Archimedes force and p(rho)gh, so ten year old are capable of doing it. Try http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cartesian_diver, different types of siphons ( including a so-called automatic one) and manometers, measuring the internal pressure in a balloon or even a bubble (why not?) well, the list is endless...

You might try looking at some of the instructables in the Class-Room group here.

User Kiteman, also a teacher, would be an excellent resource to contact, if you've got somewhat better focused questions.

Kiteman recently published a Guide to "Kitchen Chemistry" science experiments. You can also use that phrase in the I'bles search box.

Tried hitting the library yet?