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Need a good universal true trigger system. Answered

I need a good true trigger system that can work with nearly any gun/crossbow. This is my weak point, so if any of you more experienced instructablers have a good system, please answer.



The trigger on my SR commando can be used on ram guns and crossbows.

I would say the trigger on Killer~SafeCracker's T.A.W. is universal, he uses it for a killerk and a Iac bullet.

this is almost impossible. there are "box" guns which are made of (usually) white snowflakes and orange connectors, a lot like the spiff or the desert eagle. there are "tube and stick" guns that are usually single shot and block trigger that are composed of connectors (tube) on sticks (rods), a good example is the killerk pistol. and the last kind that i know of is a railgun, every railgun that i have seen is a single shot, a railgun is a lot like a box gun but it has an open top, it always has a true trigger which is usually a ratchet mechanism, these are by far the most efficient because they do not have ramrods or firing pins like box or tube and stick guns do. bows fall under the category of railguns except one which is just a tube and stick gun with arms on it. rbgs also are railguns most of the time. a good example of a railgun is the sipriani rifle.

hey thanks for that. i found out a way to make a good rbg that's kinda like a clone of the gunzo the great with less parts. i used its trigger. thanks a lot for answering though!