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Need a portable solar system to recharge my electric car that has 6 batteries? Answered

I would like to create some sort of portable solar recharging device for my NEV. I was thinking I could mount the solar panel on the roof (or is that just crazy) and then wire it to the recharger that could be carried in the trunk. When I stop somewhere, I can just plug the solar charger into my car and have it recharge as I'm out to eat, at the beach, or wherever I've gone.



8 years ago

Contact Energy Masters LLC in Canastota NY for portable solar.

just search instructables theirs lots of instructables about portable solar chargers

Sorry to be negative about it, but in full sun every square metre receives about 1000W. WIth the very best research cells in development, you are unlikely to exceed 40% efficiency, so that's only 400W. 400 W is a little bit more than 1/2 of a horsepower. Now, allow for the charging efficiency - say its 80%, and you are now receiving something like 300W per sq metre. I'll guess your vehicle is something like the Reva G-Wiz ? That has a storage of about 9.6kWh - so you can pull 9600 watts for one hour, then it goes flat. Lets say you want an hours driving charge in the battery, which is flat, and you will use it all up driving for one hour ( OK, its not realistic, but it simplifies the maths) so you need to put 9.6kW into it for an hour - 4.8 kWfor 2 hours..... Lets say you have room for 2 square meters of the 40% efficient cells, you are only getting 600 W from them. So charging your battery will take 9600/600 or 16 hours - taking some pretty liberal assumptions - to charge.

If you are planning on driving purely on solar power, you're really out of luck.

Yes, there are solar-powered cars, but their entire surface is a solar collector, they only seat one, they have no luggage space, they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they only work properly in Australia.


9 years ago

Solar panels would work for charging batteries... make sure that the output voltage is slightly higher than your batteries... for example, we use a 13.6 volt charger for 12 volt batteries... however, solar charging is slow when using the cheaper panels, if you buy expensive panels, it might work better.