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Need a schematic design for a simple circuit. Answered

I was wondering if anyone here could help me design a particular circuit.

The "device" would need a single button. When said button is pressed a buzzing sound would occur ( kinda like in game shows, you know that wrong answer sound?) then wait for five minutes and automatically buzz again by its self.

Press once (BUZZ) wait 5 minutes buzzes again without the need to press again.

I am perfectly capable of reading schematics and building prototype circuits. I just have no "nack" for design as of yet.

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading my post.

PS: I am a little rusty on some of the symbols, therefore a legend would be great.



3 years ago

Would something like this (https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Annoy-a-thing-Annoy-a-tron/) work? The timing could be adjusted to be very near 5 minutes. Or does it need to buzz only twice? Anything else I'm missing?

Yes it would need to buzz only twice. It
is for my dogs. I have a very busy work schedule and I don't want them
to take to long going to the "bathroom".

One of my dogs does this (poop dance) thingy that lasts for like 20+ minutes.

when I am running out of time I will press the button and they will
hear a buzz then after five minutes another buzz. My hope is that the
dogs will learn that the buzz means they have to go or suffer until I am
done working. They DO NOT like to go in the house, so I have got that
working for me.

Ahh, I don't know of any circuits that would do that, I'll be sure to let you know if I find anything, but I'm afraid that that may be beyond me.

Well thank you for your assistance.

It would actually be very easy to do using an Arduino or ATtiny, have you ever messed around with those?