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Need a small amount of help for a homeproject Answered

Hi creative people, I am in need of a bit expert knowledge or good ideas.

This is my attempt to make my first homeproject and instructible as I see this idea as being a fun and cool project to use the space I have in my apartment. I have two bed lofts (I'm not sure this is the correct word for it though), my project is about connecting the two lofts so it is one piece together as well as making a way to get up there.
I will write the instructible when I have finished the project with a little help (hopefully before the end of may)

My problem:
I have attached two pictures, the first picture shows the two bed lofts with beams connecting them together, I want to cut a big piece of wood to lay on over the beams filling all the space from the furthest end of the picture to the third closest beam to the camera. Between the second and third closest beams I'm going to build a ladder for easy access (I thought about making a climbing wall as that could be fun and very different).

In the second picture you can see the beams, there is a small distance aproximately ranging from 4,5-7 cm from the beam to the top of the metal. I want it to level with the two sides, the big problem here is that one side of the beam is 4,5 cm from beam to the top and the other 7. The difference in distance is different for most beams. Is there any way /materail/idea I can use to make it level while still having approximately 1,9 cm space left? I added a bad paint picture for reference (black is support, red is the board/slab of wood to lie on)

I hope you can help as I'm kinda of stuck on this detail to make the project perfect.

Regards Droqles


Like with flooring you make wedges to fill the gaps.
Or like when doing the lower part of a kitchen you follow the line of the beam and make straight cut through the wood covering it.

Thank you for your quick response, I think I have an idea of how to do that, I will post my guide when the project have been completed! :)

Making an Instructable with pics from a project like this is always a good idea.
Might even fit into the wood contest ;)

I just want to give something back, I have seen so many great guides on here!
Could be nice, though I don't think it will have a great shot at winning ;)

You never know...
Check some winners of former contests and those Ibles that got featured.
Having good pics seems the key - make it look interesting and easy to follow ;)


2 years ago

One standard-ish way of tackling it: make a long shim of wood.

On each beam, clamp a length of wood, end to end (should be almost as long as the beam), maybe a 1x2 or a 2x4, depends on the gap. Lay a straightedge (like a metal level) at the loft levels side-to-side, across the wood. With a compass (or a marking gauge) set a gap equal to the thickness of the material (plywood, etc) you intend to use as a "floor" for the area above the beams.

Hold the compass tight against the straightedge and trace a line across the wood. Cut off the excess wood, screw it tight to the beam. Paint it the same color as the beam. With the plywood cut to dimension, drop it on top, secure it.

You need sharks with frickin' laser beams on their heads...wait, a laser or line level will do. Scribing, cutting, test fit, more cutting, up the ladder, down the ladder, up the ladder again for each piece is a lot of work. Creating a sleeper system by laying strips perpendicular to the existing beams on top to make a grid and shimming the touch points to get it level are the usual methods. The flooring can go over the new grid.

I'm a-thinkin' the OP wants the beams to stay, as-is, appearance-wise. Otherwise, any variation on this would work OK.

Come to think of it, a simple chalk line would work as well as a straightedge here...

Might be a little tight or you have to poke a hole in the roof to get one of these in...