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Need a tripod for stop motion animation? Answered

For my photography class we have to create a stop motion project.  I decided to use a white board to do my stop motion animation.  So, I need a tripod or something to hold the camera steady above the white board. My camera is going to be my phone (don't have my own digital camera).  I was going to try to make something out of K'NEX probably cause they're easy to work with and I've seen some people make tripods out of them.  But does anyone have a design for such a tripod already? It doesn't have to be made out of K'NEX, it could be anything, I just have K'NEX ready to use.  So, any suggestions?


What kind of phone is it?

You may be able to find a cmera mount case for your phone. Or you can buy stuff like Shape Lock which is a plastic that you heat up to about 150F and it can be molded by hand. Then you can create a mount the phone can easily clip into and out of. Check out this goofy little instructable i did a while back to make a mount out of Shape Lock for my iPod Touch.


My phone is a Galaxy S4. But that stuff actually looks like it could really help, I've heard about it before, I don't know why I didn't think of it. But I imagine you can't buy a lot of it for cheap, correct? I'm thinking I could use that to make the actual part that holds the phone and use something else to make the structure of it, because I'm thinking this tripod has to be a foot or two above the white board

For best picture quality most cameras require at least 3 feet between them and the subject. Unless you have a macro setting/lens. If the camera is too close it won't be in focus. But yes a single 500 Gram bag of the stuff goes a long way. Even after that project, plus making a mag light mount for my Helping hand with arm project, replacing the large knob on my toaster oven and several other projects i haven't used half the bag yet. So the $25 is well worth it.