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Need a way to store a lot of stud earrings,possibly made with cork and fabric. Any ideas?? Answered


I don't like the cork idea.  YOu need to keep the retainers on the stud and that's not going to leave much of the stud to stick into the cork.  I've only got one earing and I never take it out overnight but if I had a lot I would use a piece of punched metal.  That's metal that's used for screen, or venting that has lots of 1/8" holes punched in a pattern.  I'd take a piece about 4" x 8' and slot a piece of wood so that the metal stands up in the wood base.  Spray the metal black or your favorite color and insert the studs thru the metal and put the retainers on them.  That way they are all there to pick from, no chance of loosing the retainers and they aren't going to fall out.

You can find the metal at a hardware store and it's easy to cut.

That's a good idea, the punched metal. I may have to look into that. Thanks!!

I think you pretty much nailed it.  A cork board would be one way of doing it, but don't use fabric - you can paint it if you want it prettier.  You can also buy cork drawer liners if you wanted to make your own.  I saw some at Big Lots, and I think K-Mart and Target might sell it.  You could also use styrofoam if you wanted but don't paint it - maybe cover it in contact paper and use a pin to start a hole?

Harbor Freight sells clear mini plastic boxes for very cheap too - I think $2 for 20 mini boxes in a larger storage box?  Then there are drawer storage organizers that might work well.

Thanks, AngryRedhead, I'm not sure how the cork is going to work out, it may be too thick. I have thought of putting screen on the back of a picture frame. Getting to the backs seem to be more trouble than it's worth. I may just leave them in a pretty soap dish.

Depends on how many and how fast you want to get them on and off.

Easiest would be a piece of plastic canvas used for needlepoint, maybe in a picture frame for support.

Otherwise, I'd do it in layers with slots that the studs slide into rather than holes that they go threw.