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Need advice from arduino expert! Answered

So, my goal is to take an old 60's transistor radio and house an MP3 player in there, hwoever, I would like the volume knob to still work (not thinking that's an issue), but I would like the tuning know to actually affect the MP3 player, perhaps turning to certain points would activate playfolders of types of music. Does this seem like a job of arduino or am I barking up the wrong tree? I'll check back to see if any one has any input, but also please feel free to email me at notveryhotmale *at* hotmail.com. The mp3 player would be accessable to add or change up playlists, it's just the know portion I am having trouble figuring out. HELP!



Did a google search for "arduino control of mp3 player"

Lots of links, try these for starters:




give us updates or even do an instructable!