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Need an awesome idea for 10 year anniversary gift/ideas/something for my hubby. Answered

I am the crafty one and have no idea what to do/go/make. Not a lot of $ and no babysitters. Thanks!



Best Answer 9 years ago

M-80's Yeah baby !

Think of everything freaky that he has suggested over the last 10 years. ESPECIALLY those things you were too shy to do, and give him a evening of doing just those "things". Be his personal "HO" (said with kindness intended) for the night, and make it about "HIM" and not you. Do this on the night before your anniversary, so that it isn't conflicting with his plans for you. I promise he'll like that gift better than ANYTHING you can buy!!

. Wait until the baby goes to sleep and put on the outfit you knitted/crocheted with five cents worth of yarn.

You mean the string taped to the needle?

your ten-year is 'tin/aluminum' anniversary - not exactly silver, gold or platinum yet :D - which is good for budget.

I'm not much a believer in the contemporary gift suggestions (10 year = diamond).

It can be physical or metaphoric - make him a sculpture out of tinfoil :D

Phil B

9 years ago

There are web pages that give the traditional and modern suggested gifts for various anniversary years. I have always found those helpful when buying for my wife. They often are also gifts primarily of interest to women. Personally, I have always thought a Leatherman tool is a great gift for a man. They are sold quite a number of places and vary considerably in price. I have an original PST (no longer made), a Crunch, a Micra, and a Juice S2. The Juice is a very nice looking, very versatile pocket tool. The Crunch is nice and interesting, but probably not as practical as something similar to a PST. There are plenty of new models that are "descendants" of the PST (PST means personal survival tool.).

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately between x-mas and his b-day, he has three now.

It is probably a little early in the marriage for a nice watch as an anniversary gift. My wife gave me a nice Seiko 15 years ago on our 25th, and I wear it almost every day. A very nice photo of yourself framed for him to keep somewhere he sees it often might be nice. I am thinking of a sweet, warm head and shoulders shot, maybe professionally done. I, personally do not like the artificial glamour shots. They are too unnatural. I am also not thinking about anything risque.