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Wanted: Experienced software writer for micro controller Answered

Hi there.

I am new the forum so direct me to where needed but am looking to leverage someone’s experience in writing Code for a Microcontroller and setting up a prototype from beginning to end.

Essentially, this protyoe will need to be able to track the time between audible sounds. There will be additional features.

Skill level: between intermediate and advanced

In exhancge for services provided an agreement of compensation (payment) will be established. Please reach out or comment for us to be but in contact.

Must be willing to provide previous work that you have done.



15 days ago

More information please, what micro-controller are you planing on using ?
What is the approximate interval between sound bursts, microseconds, milliseconds, seconds, days ?
What are you offering for compensation ?
I am a retired embedded systems engineer with over forty years experience designing with micro-controllers, designing software and coding micro-controllers.


17 days ago

Steve's offer is probably the best you will get.