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Need control box for 8 electric hoists, can someone help? Answered

I am making a control box for 8 electric hoists.  I want to use 8 DPDT toggle switches for directionality (up or down) and use a push button for movement. Example:  I want to be able to move hoists 1 and 2 up and 3 down at the same time.  The hoists I'm using currently have individual pickles with rocker DPDT switches but want to combine them all into a single box.   If someone could help that would be great.   


All you need to do is make yourself a box and cut out the right sized holes for the button, switches, and wires. Then, wire it up to like in this instructable. Just hook up all of the positive wires from the switches to the push button and the the negatives to the respective .
Make sure you wire the switches in parallel or the hoists will get progressively weaker and uneven. The layout of switches I used kind of forces you to use two hands which is a good thing. You want your hands on the controller and not under a thousand pound piece of equipment waiting to get crushed...


Thanks for your answer and the diagram. I am still having an issue. I hooked up the positive to the switch and then jumped it to the push button and then took the negative directly from the hoist to the push button. Did I do something wrong? The issue I am having is with directionality. I flip the toggle switch to both up and down positions but the hoist goes down for both toggle switch positions.

Sorry, I wasn't thinking when I made the second part of the drawing. How many wires are coming from the hoist? Or should I say, how many wires were coming out of the old pickle? (for just one hoist) It should be four. A positive and negative coming from a power supply, and a positive and negative going to the hoist.

If that's the case, then this is the new wiring scheme:
Displayed is only one of the eight toggle switches you need. When you have all eight of them, hook up 2,3, and 4 to the correct hoists. With 1, hook all eight up to the single button. Then eight wires from the button to the hoists.

It's pretty much the same as the first diagram, but there should be two wires in the middle for power (+and -).


There are four wires. Black, White, Red and Green. I have the red and green hooked up to the top 2 terminals and then from the green I have a jumper to both of the bottom 2 terminals. In the center I have the white and black hooked up. Not sure it that is how it should be wired so that I can wire in the PB.

So I hook up the black and white to the center of the switch and then the red wire goes to the PB? Then from the other terminal of the PB, where does that wire go?

Typically, red and black are power, leaving white and green to go to the hoist. That could be one of the problems. (Then again, color coding is up to the manufacturer...) Also, you said, "from the green I have a jumper to both of the bottom 2 terminals." You're going to want the jumpers from the top and bottom terminals to cross like the gray wires in my second picture. This way, you're switching the polarity when you toggle the switch. (i.e. reversing the direction the motor goes)

To answer your question, the two power wires go to the middle terminals. (Which is black and white for you, I guess.) Then, the green wire hooks up to one of the top terminals, and the red hooks up to the button. Finally, put a short piece of wire from the other terminal of the button to the other top terminal. (FYI: If this wire is too thin, it could overheat when you have to force a lot of current through it.)

Ok. I connected the white and black wires to the center terminals. I took the red wire and connected it to one of terminals on the push button then took a jumper wire from the other terminal of the push button to the top terminal of the switch. Then I took the green wire and connected it to the other top terminal of the switch. Lastly I took jumper wires from the top terminals of the switch for both the red and green wires down to the bottom terminals of the switch in criss-cross formation.

When I flipped up the switch and pushed the button the hoist went up like it was supposed to but when I flipped the switch down and pushed the button, no dice, nothing happened. So did I do something wrong?

Thanks for answering my questions, I really appreciate it.

Okay, first solution,
I think this one is most likely. I'm pretty sure the red wire needs to be switched with the white wire. (Red and black are normally power and I think that's the case here.) After drawing it out, the way you have it wired now WOULD cause it to work in one direction and short in the other. This one should work.

Other solution,
The wiring might be different from what I'm thinking. If you haven't taken apart one of the other pickles, take a look at how they're wired up and see if you cant get a picture on here. It could be that the directionality (polarity reversing) is done in the hoist and that there are two sets of two wires. One that completes the circuit for going up and one that completes the circuit for going down.

This is a bad idea, but...
If you already took them all apart, try connecting combinations of wires for a quick second to see which ones work. Don't leave them touching too long in case you're shorting the wires. Try connecting JUST white to red, white to green, or green to red. (Since black is more than likely part of the powering wires, avoid it for now.) If any of those combinations work then it's probably like what I was talking about in that last paragraph. If not, try and get me that picture.

I got a pic from the manufacturer of a diagram as to where the wires are coming from and where they go from inside the electrical box of the hoist. I'm not sure how I can get the pic on here or even if thats possible to post it on here.

In the reply box, there is an 'add images' button. You can upload it from a file. If they sent you a link you can just post it here.

At the bottom of the diagram where the leads go to the pickle, the order of colors from left to right are White, Green, Red, Black

wiring diagram.jpg

Hmm, that's a tough one. Here's one last shot before I'll need a picture of one of the pickle's original wiring.

Just switch the white and green wires from your 9:23 post. It should looks something like the picture.


Original pickle wiring.

Top right-green
Top left-jumper from green
mid right-black
mid left-white
bottom right-red
bottom left-jumper from green

In that case, I have no idea what the row of 'black boxes' do. My only suggestion, wire all of your new switches like this and try putting all of the green wires to the one button. If that one doesn't work, switch over the another color.

I will email the hoist manufacturer and get some more info.


7 years ago

Make each hoist a three position DPDT center off type of switch and a single momentary button applies power or closes a relay that applies power.
Then all rockers in center off position, except 1_up, 2_up, 3_down and
push and hold the Go button.
And of course put all this in a single Box with Invented by ICeng :-)