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Need supplies to make "Light Up" Jewelry as Fine Art Jewelry, where can I purchase LED supplies? In San Francisco? Answered

Instead of LED lights, I've seen that there are flat strips that glow without the use of little bulbs but can't find where to purchase them?   Then there are the other parts, wire, batteries, on/off button and I don't know what else?   I already have a soldering iron and solder.

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to find the components that I need?  Maybe Amazon?  Unfortunately the Radio Shacks in my area just closed down due to bankruptcy so they are no longer an option.

Thank you!


You mean EL wire and tape, quite easy to find on ebay including controllers.
You might be able to buy locally if you check your electronics supplier for EL wire and tape.

Thank you for taking the time to help me out. Am going to check out a Youtube video about EL wire and tape to see if it will do what I need. Have you ever made such a project similar to this? Can I send you a private email if I want?

The purpose of a forum is to allow everyone to benefit from the things posted, doing this by PM dprives other members from getting the same conclusion.
I also have an Instructable about EL wire, might help if you want to mix colors.

Thank you for explaining the purpose of a forum to me, having not used them in the past I wasn't aware of the particulars so there is probably much more for me to learn on the topic. I really like what I've seen on the Instructables website so far and need to get this particular project right as it means a lot to me.
Please do make your Instructable about EL wire available for all to see.

Perhaps I should have added the words "here on this thread." to the end of my last sentence for that is what I meant. So much to learn about on this site! I appreciate your help and I hope that you will have a very good rest of your day.
Many Blessings to you, Downunder35m.

If you can program Try Adafruit.com.

Specifically look for "Neo Pixles" Lots of projects and links to learn from too !

Thank you so much, I've looked at Adafruit and I do see lots of good info. According to Vyger, in the next comment down, this may not be the best method to accomplish what I want to do as he tells me that it will fade over time, so I'm looking for other solutions now, know of any other way to light up my pieces of fine art jewelry?

Pardon me, I was describing a Led for you over El-Tape. "Neo Pixles" will give a consistent light until it reaches it's lifespan. BUT you need to program a Micro Controller, like an Arduino, to send the signal to make it work.

And an even simpler solution might be to Use a Flashing Led Like This

Just give it some power and it will give you a mini Light Show !

I really just want to put a light underneath the main stone, (thinking of a dark slice of agate with multiple colors) in a piece of jewelry, so that it will make the darker parts of the stone light up.

Try these smd led's

there nice and thin and you can even drive it directly off a 3.3v coin style battery ! you could put a small resistor on it but most of those led key chains won't use one

If it is not for wearable stuff you could try the same approach I use on small models.
Simply get a LED of the color you like and use glass fibre to get the light where you need it.
This way a single LED can illuminate several pieces.
Only other way for tiny size would be to use SMD electronics, which are quite hard to solder if untrained.


3 years ago

I believe, like Downunder35m, that you are looking for EL tape. Currently the best place I know of to buy it is E Bay. Much of it is sold by companies in China and delivery will take a few weeks but so far the company's I have dealt with have been good.

Here is an E Bay search result for EL tape.


One thing about EL wire and tape that you should be aware of is that it gets dimmer over time. Exposure to direct sunlight can speed up the process. So whatever you do with it will not be permanent, eventually the brightness will go away.

Thank you! You're very kind to find what I need on ebay for me. Tho it's disappointing to know that this method is not a permanent solution, I appreciate the advice. Do you know of any other way I can make this project more successful?

I have some light up power cables, like for I pads, that use a series of vey small LEDs. They look like they someday might be an alternative but I have not seen any of them available outside of cable use. Also one of the ones I have has had the lights quit.

EL tape should work, it takes a long time for it to fade. Being in sunlight will speed up its deterioration so just keeping in the shade will work to extend its life.

I recently put up a buying guide instruct able about getting things like LEDs on e bay. You might find it useful. Just click on my name and it will take you to my user page where you can find the instruct able.

Google it. LED light strips are everywhere from ebay to amazon and all other electronic type online retialers in between.

Thank you for taking the time to respond, I already Googled it before coming here for advice. I'm not asking for "LED lights" and do know of their availability.

I believe I'm on the right track with Downunder35m but will have to take the time to really look at all the answers provided, to know for sure.