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Need gentle shocker to stop dog from stealing from counters. Answered

My smallish dog steals my watch and other things from counters.  A very light shock would be sufficient; I would use a 9 volt battery by itself but I want the pulsing action of an r/c/transformer circuit.  All the shockers I've found here are too harsh. Any suggestions, especially how to vary the amount of shock?


If you can't be there to monitor your dog adjust it's behavior yourself...  I'd consider adapting a motion-sensing air-freshener sprayer. 

Take the perfume cartridge out and inside you'll find something that presses down on it.  You can adapt that to press down on a button from some loud noisy gadget that your dog doesn't like.  Just a thought.

Kilt Y

8 years ago

1) I think GuardianFox's idea of a motion sensor is pretty  ingenuitive, personally. 
2) There is also a spray called "bitter apple" that you can spray on surfaces/ites to discourage chewing behaviour for objects
3) Can't go wrong with this guy: http://www.cesarsway.com/askcesar/  Dog training is often best choice.  If you love them, you'll discipline them.
4) If you just go with the smallest purchaseable collar and don't modify it, it should be safe.  Electronically though, my guess is some sort of voltage divider will do, adding a resistor to cut the voltage.

Thank you, please see my reply above.   We believe in training and being strong leaders.  She is a rescue dog and has some emotional scars we're working through.  Bitter apple stopped her chewing on the corners of the new $900 coffee table.  What we go through for our dogs....   


8 years ago

I don't like shocker collars, why not use a remote controled sonic collar instead?
I don't have a clue as to how you would make one, but you can buy them at Petsmart, online or in the store, for $20-$30.

Thank you, the problem is being there (or behind her or watching her) every minute.  We've also tried squirting her with a water pistol, but she loves it!

I understand that there are applications to which an electric shock collar may be useful, however I don't think this is one of them.

Why not try more passive method first? Obedience class would teach him what's acceptable and what's not.

Thanks for the reply.  It's basically puppy/young dog exuberance.  Training classes are in progress but don't really address this, and corrections at home aren't working.  She'll grow out of it in a few months.  The trainer suggested baiting her with bits of bread or meat along counter edges with a good dose of tabasco on the far end.  I'll try bitter apple first :-)