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Need help! I want RGB LED strips to change to specific colors when a PIR sensor detects motion. Answered

Alright, I can fill you in on the scope of my project later on.  But to get down to brass tax,  i'm looking for any knowledge in the areas of which products I will need to make this prototype work, and any coding resources you might know of, or shoot, maybe you flat out can write the coding for me.  I'm looking to create a grid system of RGB LED's that can change color after a motion sensor has detected movement.  My project , in large scale, would work like this; a full wall will have individual, clear tiles that have RGB strips behind them and a PIR sensor for each tile.  When movement is detected directly in front of the tile, the corresponding RGB light strips behind that tile will change color.  So the wall of tiles will show the color orange when no motion is detected and as something passes in front of the wall, each tile that person steps directly in front of will change from orange to blue.  The effect would be a pixel-shadow of yourself following you like a shadow on the wall.  Right now I am looking to build a small working prototype of maybe 4 to 8 tiles.  Each tile will have two strips of RGB LED strips with 3 individual LED's per strip and one PIR sensor for each tile.  I'm looking for a list of needed supplies, I have one already written up, maybe you could just advise me on my current list, maybe you already know the perfect setup for my inquiry.  I am willing to pay an individual who can keep in good contact via email and help me through this.  This might be a lot to ask for and if I had a longer timeline to learn these steps on my own I would.  But hey, thats why great online communities such as Instructables are such a great place to come for knowledge and advice.  So really, any helpful advice would be appreciated.  Let me know if you have the know-how to help me out or maybe you can point me in the best direction.  

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6 years ago

I'm interested too...! Someone have some ideas?

Just found this page and I am also interested in how it's possible to do it. Any body got any ideas where to start?

It sounds like you are using DMX led panels? If so, forget it! A PIR sensor's data and DMX are so different that I don't think that you will be able to do it within your budget. (You are looking at quite a bit of money for just the know how!)