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Need help... Need to know what type of power supply I need for 54 high power leds? Answered

54 High power leds
6 pcb strips with 9 leds each
3.2v 700ma per led
Wired in series


These strips usually carry their own resistors in my experience. What are they rated for ? Usually 12V.


Will tell you al lyou need to know and even work out the circuit for you.


7 years ago

connect them with a 180v power supply. don't forget the 3w resistors. better connect them in parallel.

How are the LEDs in each strip wired?

Parallel -- both within the strips and between them -- would seem to make more sense. In that configuration you'd need a 3.2V supply which could provide up to 54*700 ma, or about 38 amps.

Note that this comes out to a bit over 120 watts. Not all of that will come out as light; some of it is going to be heat. You'd better think about how you're cooking this beast if you don't want to cook the LEDs.

Sorry, change "cooking" to "cooling". Though, as I say, if you aren't careful...

Small gas powered generator?
What are you going to be using it for?