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Need help and idea because move into a new EMPTY home Answered

Hello everybody , I recently move in a new house, but my room is empty .
I need some idea to fill it, I need a desk, a coffee table, a place to sit (or beanbag ottoman), a shelf unit. And perhaps a cabinet shirt.
I think use of tires and a board over to a coffee table.
But after I do not know.
I would use materials of recovery.
Thank you for your help.



3 years ago

I have used wooden pallets before for various furniture pieces in my living room. You can stack them up and place a glass panel on top for your coffee table, or hang them on the walls to slot your clothes hangers in. They are cheap to obtain or if you are lucky you could get them free at dumpsters of furniture stores. After you are done, their removal is easy so you can change to a higher quality set once you have settled in.


5 years ago

Milk crates are kind of like giant lego, with some cable ties and milk crates you can soon make yourself, a bed, shelving, coffee table, stair or what ever you can imagine google "milk crate furniture"